For more than 14 years, we have been helping our customers to create successful websites and web applications. On this page you will find a small selection of our projects and your possibilities.

PBA Experts

Financial Portal / Financial Blog

Launch, Programming, SEO

  • Individual layout implementation
  • Pagespeed Optimization
  • Individual features
  • Multilingualism, automatic translations via Deepl

Dr. Jesko Baumhöfer

Lawyer for Criminal Law

Relaunch, Programming, SEO

  • Individual layout adjustment
  • Gold Beta Tester of our SV100 Theme
  • Individual feature programming and theme extension
  • PageSpeed Optimization


Seminars, Workshops & Coachings

Relaunch, programming

  • Implementation of web design as WordPress theme
  • Development of an integrated ERP system with shop and Google calendar connection
  • PageSpeed Optimization

Schott lighting technology

Distributor for trade fair technology

Web Design, Programming, SEO

  • Webdesign Website & Shop
  • Migration from Joomla to WordPress
  • Development of an interface for the import of merchandise management data
  • Development of an interface for importing Dropbox files
  • Pagespeed Optimization

explorhino Science Center

Learning & Adventure World / Participation Museum

Relaunch, Programming, SEO

  • Implementation of web design as WordPress theme
  • Migration from Joomla to WordPress
  • Development of various custom plugins
  • Development of a WordPress plugin for managing and ordering events
  • Pagespeed Optimization


Learning & Adventure World / Participation Museum

Programming, SEO

  • Development of an extensive booking system
  • Pagespeed Optimization

Peter Sommerer

Conductor & former General Music Director Schleswig-Holstein

Web Design & Website

BBI Real Estate

Real estate agent


  • Implementation of an interactive SVG map with 3D effect and link to a real estate search
  • Implementation of a real estate portal* with extensive filtering options
  • Implementation of an interface for importing data from FLOWFACT

* The originally developed system is no longer operated on the customer side.

MPV – Medical Recruitment


Implementation of a web application for the management of applicants and companies from the medical sector with the following features:

  • Creation of applicant profiles with individually adjustable characteristics
  • Linking photos and application documents to applicant profiles
  • PDF generation from applicant profiles as an application folder
  • Creating company profiles and job applications
  • Search matching between job applications and available applicants
  • Order management and email ingess of suitable applicant profiles to potential employers


Content Marketing

Analysis of the website with regard to SEO potentials as well as consulting and technical support.