We develop excellent custom solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in web development, we give you the breadth and depth of expertise you need for your digitization project.

Our expertise

Services in detail

We use advanced AI technologies to perfect our code according to industry standards and proven best practices. Our experts rely on pre-built solutions to shorten time-to-market while ensuring maximum performance, maintainability and scalability. Rely on our industry-leading expertise for future-oriented code and the sustainable success of your project.

Performant WordPress Websites

Our PageSpeed 100 WordPress Theme is the heart of a successful online presence. It not only enables fast loading times, but also provides an optimal user experience and improved search engine rankings. With our expertise in web development, we rely on cutting-edge technologies and best practices to create WordPress websites that are second to none in terms of performance and reliability.

eCommerce / WooCommerce

eCommerce solutions, especially with WooCommerce, are essential for modern online commerce. By developing and integrating interfaces to warehouse management and merchandise management, we create seamless processes for your business. We also optimize checkout routes for a smooth and customer-friendly shopping experience so that you achieve maximum conversion rates.

Customized web services & applications

We enable you to use solutions tailored exactly to your specific needs and requirements. With our know-how, we develop unique web applications that are not only functional, but also user-friendly and future-proof.

Your advantages with STRAIGHTVISIONS

  • Customized code solutions

Our customized web applications are perfectly tailored to your needs. We develop custom solutions that bring your vision to life and provide a unique experience for your users.

  • Agile way of working

Expect clear communication and a quick response time. Our team works in an agile manner to ensure efficient procedures and to be able to react to changes at any time.

  • This service is eligible

We are BAFA and go-digtial authorized. Optimize your capital investment with over €20,000 in government grants. Many of our services are eligible for funding including implementation services and consulting.

Behind the scenes

Project flow

Success Stories

Dive into remarkable stories of success and transformation that we have written together with our clients.

In the management, I depend on a team that understands the corporate vision and implements it optimally. Within a very short time, the processes between our internal tech team and straightvisions were established. Thanks to the flexible cooperation, we can do justice to the high pace of implementation of our start-up. We are pleased to have found a strong technical service provider in STRAIGHTVISIONS.

Theresa Hauck | econos

Before the relaunch, we were unsure which web agency could translate our design and texts into a functioning website. After the first conversation with STRAIGHTVISIONS, we knew they could do it. The interaction was excellent and our new website was live on budget and at the agreed time. I recommend STRAIGHTVISIONS where I can.

Holger Koenig | Caesar & Harrison

From start to finish, the cooperation with STRAIGHTVISIONS was based on partnership, reliability and absolute satisfaction. Due to close coordination and fast communication channels and Matthias’ emphatic nature, the whole process was very uncomplicated. We are happy!

Lucy Gerner | Sherpa

Dennis Heiden


My passion is consulting on web applications and API interfaces. It is important to me that our solutions make sense not only technically, but also economically.

I am convinced that transparent communication is the key to a healthy customer relationship and plays a decisive role in helping stakeholders make better decisions.

What makes you different?

We have invested over 8,000 person-hours in in-house technology. Numerous public and internal plugins, code snippets, best practices and our PageSpeed 100 WordPress theme allow you to maximize the cost/benefit ratio for your web project.

Agile or waterfall?

Both and. We prefer to work in an agile manner, but in some cases classic project planning provides the planning security required for the project in question. Part of every project is the consulting – after that the implementation in our development department is usually easy.

Why WordPress?

Because it is the best content management system on the market – if used properly. We develop the most sophisticated and complex websites and e-commerce stores with WordPress – and know exactly the pros & cons, possibilities and limitations. If WordPress helps the project, you have the best enterprise WordPress agency on board with us. If not, we can also implement the project for you 100% custom or with another framework, such as React, Tailwind, etc.

Can you … ?

We have been developing web applications for over 20 years. Rather ask “Do I need … ?” or “Do you recommend … ?”. Whether we are fit in a concrete framework or in a software is not so important for our consulting service at first – in case of doubt we look for the suitable specialists together and supervise the project for you on IT project management level.

It all sounds very expensive, are you worth it?

By taking advantage of government incentives, you usually pay less than 50% of what we are worth. So you get Enterprise Code quality at affordable prices. However, that doesn’t work for urgent projects – so good planning pays off. It is best to involve us at an early stage.