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Success Story:

Caesar & Harrison are experts in storytelling and have developed a unique concept as well as screen design. STRAIGHTVISIONS took this vision and managed to create an impressive website based on it. The result of this collaboration is a digital platform that perfectly combines design and function.

About Caesar & Harrison

Caesar & Harrison emphasizes the importance of storytelling for effective communication. Storytelling is the ability to choose the right words at the right time. This communication technology has been used by mankind for thousands of years and is accessible to any organization. With this approach, you can have a profound impact on your audience – to make them less confused and instead excited.


Relaunch of the website based on the concept & screen design of Caesar & Harrison.


In addition to the numerous editorial components, the contribution archive was a bit of a challenge: The layout has been rearranged several times and follows the elaborate editorial style familiar from magazines.


With our WordPress theme, WordPress plugins and custom features, we have successfully implemented the client’s vision.

Numbers, data, facts


The website relaunch improved all metrics – including page size, PageSpeed and carbon footprint.


Page Speed


CO2 Score


6 sec


2.1 sec

8.8 Mbyte


1.3 Mbyte

Vision implemented

The screen design conceived by the customer according to storytelling aspects was made available to us in the collaborative Adobe XD format.

As a result, the implementation could be carried out particularly efficiently, ambiguities and technical requirements were recognized at an early stage and could be easily clarified by short consultations.

State of the Art Editorial

Thanks to the brand new WordPress site editor, all elements of the website can be edited, positioned and new ones added. The combination possibilities are endless. Blocks individually developed for the customer round off the range of functions.

Visually, the display in the editor is very close to the frontend view to allow easy editing. Developers are thus hardly needed for later editing of the templates – a big step towards reducing the requirements and complexity of editing websites.

Before the relaunch, we were unsure which web agency could translate our design and texts into a functioning website. After the first conversation with straightvisions, we knew they could do it. The interaction was excellent and our new website was live on budget and at the agreed time. I recommend straightvisions where I can.

Holger Koenig, Gründer @ Caesar & Harrison