Data protection is corporate protection.

By working with media specialists, you will receive in-depth legal advice and excellent technical implementation from us.

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Stay worry-free!

The General Data Protection Regulation is consumer protection – correctly implemented, the impact on your business can be minimized and customer satisfaction can be increased.

We are transforming GDPR from a problem to an opportunity for your business – improved performance, higher conversion rates, lower risk.

SV Tracking Manager

Free WordPress Tag Manager

  • Tracking scripts 100% GDPR compliant thanks to Usercentrics
  • Compatible with all tracking scripts
  • set up within 5 minutes
  • free and open source

We wanted a tracking manager for our customers that was very easy to set up and could meet every requirement without exception.

Thanks to the modular structure and PageSpeed optimization, the most flexible and fastest tag manager for WordPress.

Our Tracking Manager is 100% compatible with WP-Rocket and also allows lazyloading of Javascript including jQuery – no inline Javascript is loaded!

Usercentrics set up in 5 minutes – thanks to our plugin solutions

GDPR Consulting for Your WordPress Website

Testing and implementation by specialized WordPress agency

Free initial consultation in advance

We fully check your website for compliance with the GDPR – legally secure on request with our media lawyer. This will give you a complete audit and thus concrete instructions for action.

Do you use WordPress? Then we also take care of the implementation of the requirements on your website.

Free initial consultation

Get an initial assessment of how your website is doing – whether it’s a WordPress website or another system: Thanks to the free GDPR initial consultation, the fog clears and you know what to do next.

We identify the first obvious GDPR violations and give you simple rules according to which you can quickly recognize whether something is GDPR-relevant or not in the future.

Free plugin for Usercentrics

Perhaps many GDPR problems can already be solved by using our free SV Tracking Manager plugin together with a Usercentrics tariff.

You can use our plugin for free and book a tariff yourself with Usercentrics – or you can book through us at the same price. As an official Usercentrics reseller, we set up Usercentrics for you at a particularly low price and advise you.

Legal Audit

with legal advice

Together with specialized media lawyers and certified data protection officers, you will not only learn what is not possible – but also what is possible. In most cases, slight adjustments or well-thought-out justifications are sufficient to solve data protection problems.

In direct exchange between you, the legal advisory service and us as developers, we will find the ideal GDPR concept for you. In most cases, the technical implementation with GDPR is even better than before – the GDPR legal advice can also be the opportunity for process and technology improvements.

Technical audit

without legal advice

Our basic check is carried out by our in-house team and includes a technical review of your website and concrete recommendations for solving GDPR problems.

In addition to an audit, you will then receive comprehensive advice from our data protection experts with assessments from our many years of practice. You initially waive a lawyer’s examination, but can optionally book it for maximum legal certainty.

Let’s start together!

We advise you on the subject of GDPR and data protection not only in Hamburg or Berlin. We are personally available for our customers throughout Germany with advice and deeds.