Data protection is corporate protection.

The GDPR makes many entrepreneurs sweat – we cool down.

By working with media lawyers, you receive in-depth legal advice and excellent technical implementation through us.

Stay worry-free!

The General Data Protection Regulation is consumer protection – correctly implemented, the impact on your business can be minimized and customer satisfaction can be increased.

We are transforming GDPR from a problem to an opportunity for your business – improved performance, higher conversion rates, lower risk.

GDPR and your corporate website

We fully check your website for compliance with the GDPR – legally secure on request with our media lawyer. This will give you a complete audit and thus concrete instructions for action.

Do you use WordPress? Then we also take care of the implementation of the requirements on your website.

For this purpose, we use free technology developed by us, such as our Tag Manager WordPress plugin – this reduces the effort and still allows flexible adjustments if necessary.

  • Legal certainty through technical and legal examination
  • Concrete instructions for action
  • Implementation by us on WordPress websites
  • Our products are free of charge, we only charge actual expenses.

You need a WordPress agency with GDPR expertise!

WordPress Agency Hamburg & Berlin straightvisions GmbH

As a full service WordPress agency in Hamburg and Berlin, we not only offer you more than 30 years of experience in the development of websites, you also benefit from the specializations of our full-stack developers in important areas such as quality assurance, pagespeed, eCommerce, project management and many more.

Use our extensive corporate network to easily access additional services such as legal advice, print design, film production, audio production, office IT and more if required.

  • Agency infrastructure
  • Full-stack developers
  • Standardised quality assurance
  • Specialized expertise in pagespeed, eCommerce, project management
  • Licensing of third-party plugins from a single source
  • regular employee training
  • rich network services

Let’s start together!

We advise you on the subject of GDPR not only in Hamburg or Berlin. We are personally available for our customers throughout Germany with advice and deeds.


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