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Our WordPress theme is faster than the competition. We have invested thousands of development hours and present our

Top values for your success

Want to improve your positions at Google? Then save yourself higher expenses in link building and remove one of the biggest barriers for optimal Google ranking: your WordPress theme.

Our SV100 WordPress theme offers you numerous advantages:

Maximum speed

Our theme is optimized and loads only what is necessary for the page construction. It doesn’t carry any ballast around.

Support for Gutenberg

Take full advantage of the Gutenberg Block Editor in WordPress – and look forward to full support from our SV100 theme.

No dependencies

If possible, we can outsource functions to our Companion plugin so that you can easily switch back to another theme. Our theme stays slim and is not overloaded with features you don’t need.

Infinite possibilities

We are not restricting you. Our theme has numerous settings options, you can disable any module and customize the theme to 100 to your needs – update-safe.

Professional service

Our theme is completely opensource, free and will always be. Our premium service is at your disposal if you need assistance. We can implement any web design with our theme.

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Our SV100 PageSpeed 100 theme is completely free!

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Development Status: Beta

The SV100 theme is continuously adapted by us to the latest technical requirements and possibilities. The theme is successfully used on many websites.

SV100 is an all-purpose theme and therefore claims to be used for any website type. In contrast to divisional themes, the requirements are therefore much higher – we also constantly improve the performance to ensure a high PageSpeed permanently. This currently leads to very short development and innovation cycles.

As a small team, Breaking Changes are currently taking place. For you, this means that with a theme update, the following can happen:

  • Settings must be reset
  • Functions and elements behave differently

Please always work in a staging environment to try out new updates before you deploy them live. For increased stability and individual support, please use our premium support options.


The Creators Club for your project success

Our Creators Club offers you premium support so that you can successfully use our plugins and themes in customer projects:

The Creators Club gives you direct access to our developers to solve questions and problems at short notice.

We are your WordPress agency

As a WordPress agency, we support you directly in the implementation of your vision. Always use the latest version of our technologies and leave us the technical implementation and maintenance.


We will help you with the setup!

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