SV Tracking Manager

GDPR-compliant integration of any tracking scripts into your WordPress website

With Usercentrics Support


GDPR ready (via Usercentrics)
Google Analytics
+ User Identification
+ Anonymous IP
“+ Custom Events
Own tracking services
Google Optimize
Microsoft Advertising

GDPR Cookie Check by UserCentrics

✔ Official Partner Agency

✔ Supports all tracking scripts

✔ Privacy Smart Blocker Support

(e.g. Youtube, Google Maps)

Easy to Use

German-language video

simple & GDPR compliant

After you have installed and activated the SV Tracking Manager plugin, you can select the item SV Tracking Manager in the menu item straightvisions in the WP admin. Configure the existing tracking services or add your own – it’s easy. To ensure that the tracking services are integrated in a GDPR-compliant manner, simply activate usercentrics in the plugin.

Google Analytics: Custom Events

Support for the Events feature in Analytics is very extensive – set all event details – we also support scroll events, non-interaction events and allow you to output events only on certain pages.

Tip: Use Analytics’ real-time view to test new events.

Extended Plugin

Optionally, our low-cost Extended plugin gives you access to beta features and other improvements to PageSpeed. You can easily post the extension within the plugin, the booking process can be seen in the video.

from v1.5.x
  • Local cache for Usercentrics Script
from v1.7.x (under development)
  • WhiteList for Usercentrics Smart Data Protector Services to speed up PageSpeed
  • Preconnect/Preload Support

Product mascots

The New Caledonian Crow is considered the most intelligent bird because it can turn various objects into tools and is the only species besides chimpanzees and humans that have sequential intelligence.

In tracking, many small components usually interlock and thus form a larger whole. Especially when it comes to tracking, it is not only the tracking providers that matter, but also how they are used – simply as objects for collecting data or as tools for the company’s success. Our SV Tracking Manager provides the ideal basis for this.

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