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WordPress 5.7 removes jQuery Migrate

The WordPress v5.7 update could be critical to your site – unless you have an active maintenance contract with us, then everything is taken care of.

WordPress removes a compatibility layer (jQuery Migrate) with WordPress v5.7, which forces some theme and plugin providers to update to keep them compatible with WordPress. Websites we create have been removing the compatibility layer for some time because we don’t need it.

If you are using a WordPress site, make sure that theme and plugin authors explicitly provide support for WordPress v5.7. If not, do better ask for it or make a trial installation on a staging copy.

Alternatively, there is also a workaround in the form of the WordPress plugin Enable jQuery Migrate Helper, which adds the compatibility layer back – a temporary rescue.

Just in case

Staging, Backups & Restore

Countless closing time, next and weekends have already been screwed up because a website operator thought an update would not go wrong.

Of course, then it went wrong and in the next hours you try to fix the shambles as quickly as possible – broken live pages are always critical.

The solution is basically quite simple:

  • Make sure that your website automatically backs up every day. Ideally, once locally for quick recovery and once on a separate machine.
  • Nothing is worse than the deceptive security of backups without ensuring that the restore works. Rehearse the worst case together with your service provider.
  • Use a staging copy of your website where you can safely test updates and structural changes. A test protocol helps that nothing is overlooked during testing.

Broken websites can never be completely prevented at all times – but they can be controlled.

Your website deserves these additional safeguards – panic moments can be effectively avoided.