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Success story: The dismissal protection lawyers

The dismissal protection lawyers offer employees immediate help with dismissals and labour law issues. STRAIGHTVISIONS assists the employment law firm with the relaunch of its website.

About the attorneys for protection against dismissal

Mr. Seume is not only an experienced specialist attorney for labor law, but also an important contact person in Hamburg for terminations and termination agreements. Supported by a competent team in his office community, he is committed to the rights and concerns of his clients. He will reliably assist you with challenges in labor law.


Relaunch of the website with appealing design, high PageSpeed and according to SEO best practices.


The previous website was maintained entirely by hand through individual HTML documents. This was created and maintained in-house by the law firm.

  • Content maintenance complex and requires HTML knowledge
  • GDPR not optimally implemented
  • PageSpeed OK but not further optimizable
  • Design no longer contemporary


By implementing the WordPress theme and plugins from STRAIGHTVISIONS, a state of the art website with high SEO standards could be created.

Achieved goals

With the relaunch based on our SV100 WordPress theme, the following goals were achieved:

PageSpeed 100

Maximum PageSpeed

The previous website was manually maintained via HTML files and was already optimized in terms of PageSpeed – however, the score of 69 could not be meaningfully improved further. The reason is that style sheets cannot be loaded modularly for the respective subpages.

With our PageSpeed 100 WordPress Theme this happens automatically – a PageSpeed 100 was therefore easily achieved by the relaunch.

WordPress Block Editor

Improved workflow

The editorial maintenance of the website can now be done by the intuitive WordPress block editor. For this purpose, we have trained the employees of the law firm, so that the maintenance of the website can be carried out autonomously and without technical hurdles.

Clean Code

Optimized maintenance

Standardized processes, clean code and optimized maintenance – we create quality standards that would be difficult for individual non-tech companies to implement in-house. Our know-how from over 10 years of WordPress development leads to high project standards – also in the subsequent permanent maintenance of the website as part of a maintenance by us.

Future Proof

Sky is the Limit

A successful website should always be in flux, constantly evolving and adapting to user needs. The modular design we use allows us to seamlessly integrate future requirements. This effectively circumvents and avoids technical obstacles and blockages.

Numbers, data, facts


The relaunch allows the maintenance of the website for non-technicians for the first time. But also the loading time and page size could be improved – before the measured PageSpeed was ok – now it is perfect. The CO2 footprint of the website was also noticeably reduced.


Page Speed


CO2 Score


4.1 sec


1.0 sec

1.5 Mbyte


0.25 Mbyte

Thanks to Mr. Seume’s prior technical knowledge, the implementation was extremely efficient. The previous website solution also worked, but the new one supports the growth of the firm and allows the content to be edited by several employees. The secondary goal of improved visibility in the search engines could be achieved.


When it comes to notices, we have to act quickly – our new website not only delivers content faster, but also prepares it optimally for our clients. This is particularly important, as a dismissal always represents a stressful situation for those affected. The collaboration with STRAIGHTVISIONS has been a complete success: budget, timing and result were achieved without compromise. The visibility of the website also improved shortly after the relaunch. We look forward to further cooperation in the future.

Ingmar Gerd Seume, Rechtsanwalt & Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht