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Matthias Bathke


During consulting and implementation, it quickly becomes clear that developers often have to fight against the existing infrastructure. The result is additional costs in the 4-5 digit range per year.

Why change?

As a rule, you save time, money and nerves. Consulting errors often lead to inappropriate infrastructure. Our holistic approach saves you sometimes enormous sums of money. For example, we were able to reduce the number of servers required by one customer from 7 to 1. In addition to the saved costs, the overall project complexity and thus the potential for errors could be massively reduced.

Are you better than the competition?

You will find our individual infrastructure solutions in this or similar form among our competitors. The difference is the configuration, which is precisely matched to the intended use. As developers, we know exactly what our requirements are and can thus fulfill them without any detours.

How can I save costs?

Let us advise you. If your existing solutions are sufficient or if another provider offers the best solution for you, we will let you know. We avoid lock-in effects and provide open-ended advice. The goal is the ideal setup for your scenario.