State funding

Use government grants to leverage your project budget. Your vision can be realized more easily and without compromise. We are authorized for BAFA, go-digital and other national and regional grants.

Advantages of funding

As an authorized company for both BAFA and go-digital, we offer targeted support for SMEs in claiming funding programs as part of the collaboration with us. Our expertise allows us to guide you through the application process and ensure that you get the most out of available funding opportunities.

  • Financial relief

The financial relief provided by government project funding is a key benefit for companies. It makes it possible to invest in innovative projects and technologies. With the right funding, you can realize their vision without overstretching their finances.

  • Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation through government project funding gives you the security to pursue innovative ideas. Thanks to the financial support, you can experiment and test new technologies or business models without bearing the full economic risk.

  • Competitive advantage

Government funding can give you a significant competitive advantage by driving innovative projects that set you apart from the competition. A funded project signals to potential investors and partners that the company is trustworthy and on the right track. This can be critical to standing out in a highly competitive market.

Example – go-digital

50% funding for your project budget

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s digitization support program is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises to help them digitize their operations. The funding covers both conception and implementation in the areas of digital market strategies, optimization of digital business processes and IT security in order to strengthen the competitive position and future orientation of the companies. With this support, you can reduce 50% of your project spend to safely and effectively make the digital transformation.

Your advantages with STRAIGHTVISIONS

  • Successful application

We work with funding partners who take care of the funding jungle and application process so that you can fully concentrate on the implementation of your vision and your applications have a very high probability of being approved.

  • Strategic consulting

We proactively inform both our long-standing and new clients about existing funding options and highlight potential in the context of the current digitization agenda of the federal and local governments. Through this strategic consulting, we have already been able to generate additional budgets in the high six-figure range for our customers in recent years.

  • Authorized partner

We are authorized as an agency for subsidy programs of the BAFA and are allowed to advise and implement subsidized projects. BAFA authorization is often also mandatory in order to be able to use national and local special support programs.

Procedure of a funding

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s go-digital funding program for digitization is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises to help them digitize their operations. It is particularly useful for in-depth consulting and implementation of digitization strategies.

The federal program “Management Consulting for SMEs” promotes the future opportunities, performance and competitive advantage as well as the flexibility and adaptability of medium-sized companies. Companies have the opportunity to receive funding for up to 3 consulting days from us as an authorized company. Thanks to the program, you can benefit from a non-refundable grant that significantly reduces consulting costs.

Matthias Bathke


Don’t miss any deadlines and get advice now. Funding pots are available for most companies and are often not accessed due to planning failures. Avoid this mistake: leverage your project budget and achieve a real competitive advantage.

What is the procedure?

First, we discuss your strategic needs with you. You will then receive a separate funding consultation. We then discuss which projects could be funded through which funding sources. Now the required grants are being applied for. After approval, the implementation takes place and then the processing and payment of the grant.

What funding is available?

In addition to Bafa and go-digital, numerous regional funding programs are available. As part of the funding consultation, we find out which ones are specifically available for your company.

How long does it take to apply?

It can take 1-6 months or more from application to approval. Therefore, an early application is particularly important, as the requested projects may only start once they have been approved.

What to do for urgent projects?

Please plan early and feel free to contact us already now. This is the only way to initiate the timely approval of funding. Otherwise, urgent projects may have to be carried out without funding.