enhancing the web

When was the last time since you have open your company’s website and said: “This site is awesome!”. Same with the daily web tools you are using to fulfill your business.

We are creators of these “this is awesome” moments.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are specialized on hand-made, highly individualized web applications. Understanding your marketing and design strategies, we unleash your business potentials to maximum.

German Craftmanship

We are the right crew if you want to get it done right. Customers rely on us as coding fire brigade but also allow us to build business critical applications on enterprise level.

Scale with your Business

From small websites to complex applications, we support you growing your business. If you are successful, we are too.

Learn from each other

Our credo is: We will learn how to build web applications from you and you will learn about your business from us.

How does this fit? Of course, we are specialists in building web applications and should know how to do that. Right, you are doing you business for years and should know far better about it as we do.

But while it’s totally convenient and usual to brief you about technical needs for your targets and brief us about your business needs, the best results are achieved if this goes vice versa, too.

Working with us means, that we never handle something as dogma. While not re-inventing the wheel, we never accept some standard as holy grail. We will listen to you and your feedback and will learn to build better apps for you with each project made. We will give you valuable feedback, if we see chances to exploit synergies in your business – whether based on our technologies or not.