Pagespeed 100 is our standard

We have made it a standard to develop websites and web apps with a page-speed score of 100, with the goal of achieving a pingdom score of 100.


Here you can see a list of our references and current projects.

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Dr. Jesko Baumhöfener

From time to time, some clients want to go the extra mile with us - and allow us to optimize their websites without any limits.

We love gaming culture - so we are very excited about our work on the customer's site with WordPress consulting, setup as well as custom plugin programming. The icing on the cake: We've int...

SV WooCommerce Order Export

Flexible, highly customizable export plugin for WooCommerce

SV Press Permit Show Available Content for User

Once you've created fine-grained permissions for your content pages through Press Permit, you'll see an important feature is missing: A shorthand Widget or Shortcode to show all content which is hidde...

SV Press Permit Converter Member Groups to Roles

SV Press Permit Converter Member Groups to Roles allows you to change from using Press Permit's probritary User Groups Model back to WordPress' default User Roles standard. As WordPress actually does ...

SV Gravity Forms Enhancer

SV Gravity Forms Enhancer fixes several issues we’ve seen when utilizing the great Gravity Forms plugin for our customers. While Gravity Forms is an easy to use feature rich form plugin, we see some...

SV Proven Expert is a service for company reviews. A key feature (“PLUS” plan required) is showing the company review stars on your website. These will be retrieved from different review-providers...

Drop Images

If you need moving content, the guys from drop images should get your awareness. Discover their new content or hire them on their website, proudly created by the straightvisions team. Visit Website...

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