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Total Commander is the epitome of efficient filemanagement. In the beginning the software seems something complex, but after a small period the user recognize abundant tools which you don’t want to miss anymore. Thanks to the extensive configuration abilities, Total Commander let you customize it to your preferences, e.g. edit almost unlimited shortkeys.

The internal viewer is one of the biggest highlight of Totalcommander: Independent of the filesize the viewer shows the content of every file immediately including instant full-text-search. This is very practical by opening binary files (hex-view) or extra-large files.The very efficient, native included ftp-client (with CHMOD-Feature) makes the Total Commander to the first choice of webmaster, webdesigner and webprogrammer. Those won’t work without the two-column-view, the many shortkeys and all the other handy tools anymore. The optional, integrated miniature-view allows the inspection of thumbnails in the file-listing – practically while managing pictures and photos.

Professional Filemanagement

Customized columns, extended search, regular expressions as well as a batch-renaming-tool help to find and manage huge fileheaps.

While opening an archive, Total Commander opens an internal packer which opens the file similar to a normal directory. The following archive-types are supported per default: ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, CAB, TAR, GZ, ACE. To compress RAR-archives, you have to install Winrar and link the internal compressor of Totalcommander to the native rar.exe of Winrar. Compression of ZIP-archives is supported per default including several compressionlevels.

By the way: Linux-Follower unfortunately have bad luck – there is no linux-version. The windows-version runs still under linux / wine – not yet very stable. An alternative file-manager with a similar functionallity-range like Total Commander isn’t known. Krusader isn’t a really option, is it?


License: SharewareTotal Commander is shareware, but the author offers a special rate for pupils and students. There are uncountable languages available.
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17 Responses to Download Total Commander

  1. puppy linux says:

    the older16 bit version runs fine in wine on linux,alternative file manager for linux is “tuxcmd”

  2. me says:

    so i start via to dl the android version. but where is the link on this page? anybody out there, who can fix the page or insert a link?

  3. Merel 469 says:

    It is the first time I download anything from here.
    The download at STRAIGHTVISIONS.COM is actually the most efficient of all download sites !

    Congratulations !
    This download page is informative for TC … without any further other annoying things showing up.
    (Like erroneous ‘false’ BIG buttons to download something else, which the user actually does not need).

    My download was without problem, which was not even the case at Softpedia.

  4. rodzilla says:

    Total Commander is the best value-for-money you’ll ever get!

  5. alkis xanthakis says:

    Marvelous program !!!

  6. Helmut Dorsch says:

    Iwould like to download the total commander, version 7.56

  7. Matheus says:

    Can anyone please show or email me a manual for total command because I’m new at it.

  8. Bob Horgan says:

    A very efficient file management program

  9. Mellis says:

    I used “Norton commande”r back in the old days then came “Windows Commander” wich now is “Total Commander” and I can’t live without them…

  10. Kaludi Athar says:

    I am using Total Commander as essential tool. Computing is not complete with TC.
    My efficiency is lowered with out it when i visit any client i first download and start work afterword.Recomend every one in Pakistan and teach its features.

    Athar Kaludi

  11. y. guttmann says:

    I am using total commander since version 1.21, it was the right replacement for the good old (dos) NortonCommander. all the needed file manipulating tools in one lovely package and than some more and more in every new version.

  12. Rafael Gur-Ari says:

    I am using Total Commander for many years now. (Started as Womcommander). Am still enjoying using it.
    Cannot think of another.
    Thank you.

  13. Lazar says:

    Try gnome-commander under linux

  14. Frank Munden says:

    I Have used Total Commander for a number of years. It is a superlative program and I know of no other which can match it..

    F.W. Munden

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