Pagespeed explained

Learn what Pagespeed Score is saying about your website’s quality and why you should consider reaching a perfect score.

Our clients are aware of search engine optimization (SEO) – and that is the most important part to save spendings in marketing budget. If your website is optimized for search engines, you will pay less per click in Adwords and gain higher rankings in organic search engine results.

You won’t get a full report from Google why is your website ranked as it is – but you are able to get feedback about how your website is following technical guidelines.

Pagespeed 100

With Pagespeed Insights you’ll see which recommendations by Google are followed by your website. With our custom theme framework we are able to hit the 100 mark regulary – which is considered as nearly impossible by many of our competitors.

Pingdom 100

Pingdom Tools allows deeper insights of performance critical aspects of your website like media and script handling or rendering. We help your website to reach the top A 100 performance score and to be faster than 99% of all websites.

Why is it considered as nearly impossible?

Programming websites means, that you have to struggle with different extensions, interfaces and libraries that are not aware of Pagespeed and just break rules – even Google breaks their own rules by serving their Google Analytics tracking code with a too short caching setting.

While most webprogramming agencies accept this status quo and argue that the extra effort to increase a pagespeed e.g. from a 85 score to 100 won’t pay, we have another approach:

Don’t accept bad decisions

We do not look for execuses – we look for solutions. If a third party app prevents a good pagespeed, we will start our research to find a better solution – or just develop a better one for you.

Don’t make Pareto as dogma

The pareto¬†principle tells us, that 80% of the results are available for 20% of the effort – but you’ll need 80% of the given time to gain the 20% rest of the results.

That is absolutely true and we love to work for you in that matter. But from time to time, it is better for all to go the extra mile, to reach the sky and build new quality standards. In programming, the extra mile makes the difference in knowledge and experience which results in better quality for all our clients.

Many third party apps are auto-optimized by our themeframework – we have found issues in other plugins – and while these authors have no desire in optimizing their plugins in matter of Pagespeed – we optimize them for you to be update safe. We have also solved the Google Analytics issue mentioned above.

optimize to the max

We will be able to deliver a Pagespeed 100 as standard of our custom theme framework and we would love to go the extra mile to deliver a Pingdom 100 score as well.

It is not only important to reach the 100-score once – it should be hit regulary. This actually will result in better rankings and – even more important – in a much better user experience, as your website is not only loaded faster – it is rendered and displayed faster on the user’s device.

Even Google violates it’s own rules – but that is no excuse for the rest. Reaching a maximum Pagespeed score is a quality grade for the technical foundation of your site, it shows that only those contents are loaded which are required for the current page. All these advantages won’t need to come with a less rich website – it just needs to be optimized a bit more that you may have thought.

We have the knowledge and the experience to score out your competitor’s sites. We would love to hear from you.