Our SV100 WordPress theme is modular. On this page we document the functions of a module. Learn more about modules and how this approach speeds up page building.


Keywords are displayed in posts and should be used diligently. Customize the appearance to your liking.


How much should it be?

Set the maximum number of keywords listed in a post.


For the various items, select the font, font size, text color, highlight color, and line spacing.


We are working on other styles for keywords.

PageSpeed Optimization

Keywords on demand

If a post does not contain keywords, the corresponding scripts (PHP, CSS, JS) are not loaded.

Standard functions of our modules

optional module

Turn off this theme module if you don’t need it.

Control of script output

CSS and JS output can be configured so that you can set whether it is attached, embedded, or disabled.

individually expandable

You can customize and extend this module in a child theme: replace CSS/JS files, add your own, or expand and replace module methods.

Our Theme Modules