You want to optimize the PageSpeed of your website in every detail? You would like to decide yourself which scripts to load and how? You will love this module!

Our SV100 WordPress-Theme is modular. On this page we document the functions of a module. More about modules and how they will speed up the page building process.


Check your website – is Google PageSpeed Insights complaining about rendering blocking resources? All our plugins and our SV100 WordPress-Theme with SV Core allow you to integrate scripts so that they no longer lead to the following warning:


Choose which scripts should be loaded

We only load scripts when they are needed. But you can also control loading for each script.

Attached or embedded?

Mostly you can follow the recommendation that scripts should be loaded embedded for upper website areas and the rest appended. However, this may vary from site to site – so optimize customization for your site.

Deactivate everything?

You would like to use a strongly adapted child theme? Then it may help that can you disable all scripts by default – CSS and JS respectively. You can still re-enable scripts individually.


Advanced search engine optimization for your website

Do not leave anything to chance and use this powerful module. An optimal configuration can significantly increase PageSpeed, prevent Flash-of-unstyled content (FOUC) and improve the user experience. This is a module for technology savvy users – we would be pleased to advise you if you need assistance with the optimal configuration of your website.

Common functions of our modules

optional module

Deactivate this theme module when you don’t need it.

control the script output

CSS and JS output is configurable. Set up the output as attached, embedded or deactivated.

individually extendable

Adjust this module, override CSS & JS files and add your own files in your child theme. You can even extend or override module functions.

Our Theme Modules

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