Many WordPress themes bring a lot of features – unfortunately at the expense of speed and stability. Our many years of experience in developing WordPress themes for our customers led to the decision to design our SV100 WordPress theme completely modular. This ensures consistently high speed, stability and more control for you as a user.

For this purpose, our theme also includes a module with which you can manage modules. See how easy module management is. Below you will find the individual documentation for our modules.


Full overview

See all modules of the theme at a glance.

Full control

Don’t want to use a module? Turn it off and save the associated content and scripts.

You decide

We want you to be able to decide what they need and what they don’t need. You can disable and activate modules at any time.

PageSpeed Optimization

What is not loaded is saved.

For example, you don’t want sidebars? Turn off the entire module. All functionality is disabled and you save additional resources. Even if we take care that our theme only outputs scripts and HTML when they are needed, we want to give you the option to simply turn off functions when they do not need them.

Standard functions of our modules

optional module

Turn off this theme module if you don’t need it.

Control of script output

CSS and JS output can be configured so that you can set whether it is attached, embedded, or disabled.

individually expandable

You can customize and extend this module in a child theme: replace CSS/JS files, add your own, or expand and replace module methods.

Our Theme Modules