Our SV100 WordPress theme is modular. On this page we document the functions of a module. Learn more about modules and how this approach speeds up page building.


Nowadays there is a wide selection of free available web fonts. The Google Fontsare particularly popular. Make sure that you upload as many file types as possible to the theme – the browsers always decide on the optimal variant. Fonts in the woff2 standard are particularly space-saving. Keep in mind that with each additional font, including cuts and styles, the site’s loading time increases – try optimizing your font selection to do so.


No limits

Configure as many fonts as you want.

Central administration

Once configured, you can select the fonts for all typography settings in the SV100 theme.

Install our Companion pluginto have access to our premium theme addons. There you will find the SV100 Adobe Webfonts addon if you want to use Adobe Fonts (Typekit).

PageSpeed Optimization

Optimum loading of fonts

We have worked hard to ensure that our own fonts have as little influence as possible on the PageSpeed of your website – we use different techniques and current standards for this purpose. Therefore, we do not offer integration via Google server – download the fonts directly to your website.

Standard functions of our modules

optional module

Turn off this theme module if you don’t need it.

Control of script output

CSS and JS output can be configured so that you can set whether it is attached, embedded, or disabled.

individually expandable

You can customize and extend this module in a child theme: replace CSS/JS files, add your own, or expand and replace module methods.

Our Theme Modules