Your content is your value – it’s important that you can adjust the output in detail and to your needs.

Our SV100 WordPress-Theme is modular. On this page we document the functions of a module. More about modules and how they will speed up the page building process.


You write your content with the Gutenberg block editor, which we support fully with our SV100-Theme. You can set up the common settings for the content output with our SV Content module.



Set up if the post date or the author should be displayed in your content. You can override this setting individually within every post.


Choose font, font size, text color, highlight color and line spacing for the different elements.


Set the background color, background image and how they should behave.

Common functions of our modules

optional module

Deactivate this theme module when you don’t need it.

control the script output

CSS and JS output is configurable. Set up the output as attached, embedded or deactivated.

individually extendable

Adjust this module, override CSS & JS files and add your own files in your child theme. You can even extend or override module functions.

Our Theme Modules

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