WordPress is by far the market leader.

There are many reasons why WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites.

Here we provide you with an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress – and why it is the CMS of choice for us and many of our customers.

WordPress offers a huge selection

WordPress had its beginnings as a system for bloggers – but this is long outdated thanks to the active community. With no other CMS do you have such a wide range of existing extensions (plugins) and themes. New ones are developed every day. Some plugins are terrific – hardly any project of us can do without them – but many plugins also have a mixed quality.

Make sure you don’t indiscriminately install too many plugins – your website will be so unnecessarily slow. Comprehensive plugin research and verification is therefore very important if you care about a fast and secure website. We always recommend an additional “staging” copy of your website, where new plugins can be safely tried out.

WordPress is agile

The developers of WordPress make sure that it always stays as slim as possible – WordPress is deliberately not overloaded and should be expanded by the user individually by the installation of plugins. At the same time, existing functions are regularly revised.

The WordPress community is natisted – we love the rapid development of WordPress and the ability to quickly implement new features for our customers. The basic structure of WordPress makes it easy for us to develop stable prototypes in the shortest possible time and to expand them further and further.

WordPress is secure

Absolute security is hard to achieve these days – but you can follow best practices or establish new security vulnerabilitards that significantly reduce the likelihood of successful attacks. WordPress can’t be fooled here and also prevails against preferences that could be harmful.

WordPress was the first major CMS to implement the auto-update feature – security updates are installed fully automatically. This prevents known vulnerabilities and delayed updates from remaining unnecessarily open for an unnecessarily long time. This mechanism is a huge step forward, as attacks are usually carried out fully automatically within a very short time after security vulnerabilities become known – the faster security updates are applied, the better.

WordPress has a strong community

The community of all those involved in WordPress is extremely inclusive and tries to encourage everyone to participate. You can also work on WordPress without programming knowledge, for example helping to organise events, maintaining translations or contributing graphics – there is always a lot to do.

WordPress is stable

The core functions of WordPress are very reliable – which is also due to the fact that they are used by countless plugin and theme authors – hardly a mistake remains unnoticed for a long time. At the same time, possible improvements are only recorded by the WordPress core team after careful – sometimes lengthy – review.

Some major features, such as the Gutenberg Editor, are publicly developed and tested for months and then published – so make sure that existing plugins may not work after changing the major version number – test Therefore, updates on a separate staging environment before you apply them to your live environment.

The cautious approach of the WordPress core developers partly means that some parts of WordPress need to be revised – but probably not yet addressed for stability reasons or postponed to later versions.

However, this usually applies to functions that could have been programmed more elegantly and do not yet take into account the possibilities of the latest PHP versions. Since we program strongly object-oriented, we have expanded WordPress, abstracted some functions and improved for our way of working through our framework,which extends WordPress.

For example, this allows us to implement new features that WordPress does not currently use, such as PHP Type Hinting. And that speaks for WordPress: it does not prevent us from expanding it to our needs.

Try it out now

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