What is the SV core?

The SV core is a framework extension for WordPress. We use it as a basis for the development of our SV100 WordPress theme as well as for our plugins.

In contrast to an API, a framework is not a simple interface, but forms the framework, which is basically the basis for the development of functions.

The SV core is much more than a collection of helper functions – it enables completely object-oriented development cycles, structured code and a modular design.

In this way, we maximize the creative value per developer hour – because the SV core provides a valuable structure that reduces the potential for errors and creates more time for the development of functions and reduces maintenance costs.

We are proud that SV core is instrumental in achieving a Pagespeed 100, which can have a very positive impact on search engine ranking.

In the SV core lies the experience of thousands of development hours from the project business – every employee from our development team is involved in the development of the SV core – both in the further development and in the use in the implementation of projects.

As a WordPress agency, we have been specialized in developing cross-industry solutions for our customers since 2005. The SV core is an important milestone for our daily development process.

The benefits


We love programming new features – but not twice the same. Agile working, however, often means starting with a prototype and gradually expanding and improving it. The SV core allows us to consistently develop excellent results from the very beginning.


The SV core loads each feature only when it is needed. Themes and plugins are modularly structured, style sheets and Javascript are only integrated where they are needed.


We can implement any feature with the SV core and expand it continuously, according to the set technical requirements. The SV core promotes structurally meaningful programming – the result is comprehensible, low-maintenance code.


The SV core only explicitly specifies structures where it supports and serves technical excellence – and yet does not restrict them. From small plugins, to individual websites of all sizes to complex intranet applications, every web application can be implemented with the SV core.

We develop new web applications individually for your needs – we like to migrate existing functions so that they can take advantage of the SV core.

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