This page deals with the theme configuration for our WordPress theme PageSpeed test.

Last Updated: Theme Version 7.0.2

After theme activation, Avada recommends installing additional plugins. We install the plugins marked “Required”.

We do not install a demo, because otherwise the Pagespeed would no longer be comparable between the different themes – the content would be too different.

Otherwise, we leave the theme at the default settings.


At Avada, we had to adjust our WP-Rocket configuration and enable the security mode for jQuery – which causes the loading of this script to delay the further loading of the website. Actually unnecessary, but mandatory with Avada, as it does not integrate some jQuery statements optimally – as attached files – but inline. This results in a Javascript error when inline scripts try to access jQuery if it has not yet been loaded.

As a result, Avada loses an additional 15-30 points in the mobile pagespeed – so this behavior has a pretty big impact on pagespeed.