Econos provides access to alternative, sustainable asset classes.

straightvisions accompanies the startup during the initial launch and technical relaunch of the website as well as in the development of scalable web services.

Our PageSpeed evangelist Matthias Bathke dares to take the all-round approach and clarifies the most frequently asked questions in the PageSpeed FAQ for entrepreneurs and decision-makers.

The year 2021 is coming to an end and with the release of version v1.8, we are delivering some crucial improvements for even faster websites.

You are a website operator and do not know Google Amp? Very good, then you have saved yourself a lot of stress and certainly a lot of budget. But there is also good news for everyone else: Google Amp will no longer be a prerequisite for appearing in the top stories of Google News from May 2021.

Pageload - what does that mean? Why is it important for your website and how can you influence the pageload of your WordPress site? You can find out here.