SV Gravity Forms Enhancer

SV Gravity Forms Enhancer fixes several issues we’ve seen when utilizing the great Gravity Forms plugin for our customers. While Gravity Forms is an easy to use feature rich form plugin, we see some room of improvements.

Download free SV Gravity Forms Enhancer Plugin.

jQuery 3 Support

Some javascript Code in Gravity Forms hasn’t been prepared for use with jQuery 3 yet. As more and more websites will move to Bootstrap 4 which advices jQuery 3, this plugin will optimize the Gravity Forms javascript output to allow use of jQuery 3.

Pagespeed 100

When using Gravity Forms, you’ll see that your heavily Google optimized website may get a drop in pagespeed. That’s because of they way how Gravity Forms loads Javascript.

Default way: jQuery dependent code is inserted inline into the website’s code output, so you won’t be able to load jQuery within your footer (e.g. with outstanding WP Rocket Caching plugin) – you are required to load jQuery in head which results in Google Pagespeed warning Remove Render-Blocking Javascript

We make it better: SV Gravity Forms Enhancer will search within the gravity forms output for inline Javascript, moves it into separate files and enqueues them which allows to load them into website’s footer. Multiple instances are supported here as well.

User Form: Login after Registration

You may want to auto-login users after successful registration through Gravity Form’s userform.

Custom Shortcode-Slugs

You may want to use custom slugs for loading forms via shortcode. We’ve learned to love this feature as it makes deployment process on several website instances much easier.

GDPR: Disable Entry Creation

Per default, Gravity Forms creates new entries on each submission. You may want to deactivate this feature for specific forms.

Multi Instance per Page Support

Multiple Form Instances are normally not possible with Gravity Forms. That means you won’t be able to insert the same form multiple times on the same page. This plugin fixes this and also works with Multi Page Forms.

We have additionally tested this feature with the following Gravity Forms extensions:

  • Post Update
  • User Update

Show ZIP before City

Display ZIP in address field before City

Customize Scripts Loading

Your theme may bring own Styles for Gravity Forms – to improve Pagespeed, you are able to disable CSS. Additionally, you want to load scripts in Footer or avoid loading them at all.