WordPress Training

Would you like to learn from our wealth of experience? Then our WordPress training, seminars and workshops are just right for you!

Now benefit from over 10 years of WordPress experience.

Exclusive benefits

We make you experts! Our training courses are as individual as your company.

We advise cross-industry and deal with your company in advance. This gives you tailor-made workshops that are tailored to your needs. We offer our training courses in your or our premises (Hamburg / Berlin) in a central location.

Seminar duration, content, scope and depth are discussed with you in advance, so that the seminar participants can immediately and self-sufficiently apply their new knowledge.

Subsequently, we are available for further intensive workshops, consulting services, assistance or project management as required.

WordPress Training for High Performers

Our training participants see digitization as an opportunity and now want to receive the tools to use WordPress as a technology to advance digitization in their own company.

Your know-how boost for practice

We convey our know-how in a practical and comprehensible way – even for non-technicians.

Depending on previous knowledge, individual focal points can be set, as well as a free mix of topics on request. Also, if necessary, a general introduction to the use/ configuration of WordPress for beginners can be given at the beginning.


You need a high level of expertise in the operation of the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor. Go into depth and learn to confidently use the possibilities of the new publishing tool that has set a new standard. You get useful resources and the hand tool to create impressive layouts for e.g. texts or elaborate OnePager pages in no time.


We will show you what to look out for if WordPress, the plugins used and the theme used are to be kept up-to-date. We demonstrate our workflow, e.g. for initial setup, staging environments, deployments, backups and server configuration optimization for WordPress.

SEO Specialists

We will show you how every WordPress installation can also be optimized retrospectively. We use our technology to demonstrate what needs to be considered when selecting themes and plugins so that the search engine ranking does not suffer. We show practical tools that are essential for search engine optimization (SEO).


You create your first own WordPress plugin on the same day or learn the basics if you want to create a WordPress theme yourself. We show how plugins and themes from third-party providers can be adapted in an update-safe way and what possibilities WordPress offers as a CMS apart from classic websites.


You will learn how WordPress advances the business, allows agile prototyping and enterprise applications based on WordPress are possible. WordPress can bring decisive benefits to any startup, product or service – with us you can find out individually how WordPress can contribute to your company’s success.

Marketing & Legal

You will learn how each tracking script can be integrated optimally and legally compliant – including a short introduction to the GDPR. We also show you how you can easily create your own tracking events for Google Analytics at any time. At the same time, we show the effects of different tracking scripts on the PageSpeed and how you can optimize it.

Let’s start together!

We advise you on the topic of web design not only in Hamburg or Berlin. We are personally available for our customers throughout Germany with advice and deeds.