WordPress Theme Development

Find out here what advantages individual WordPress theme development offers for your WordPress website and what you need to pay attention to.

Make the right decision now.

The backbone of your website

It is not for nothing that theme development is called the supreme discipline in website development.

A WordPress theme determines the look & feel of a website and offers the framework for all functions – but should bring as little functionality as possible – more on that later.

Find out here what our individual WordPress theme can offer you.

Individual theme development

Theme SV100

  • Basis is the fastest WordPress theme in the world: SV100
  • – any screen design can be implemented
  • – 100% GDPR compliant
  • – designed for Gutenberg Block Editor

Benefit from our preparatory work: We have invested thousands of developer hours in the development of our WordPress theme SV100.

Our theme is designed to depict absolutely every screen design with maximum PageSpeed.

Our WordPress theme is free and open source – you do not pay any license costs, but purely the implementation effort for your website.

Suitable for any web design!

Implementation process

See now how the implementation could take place – each implementation is individual, at the same time you benefit from our established processes.

Exclusive benefits

Some things can only be offered by an individual WordPress theme.

Some just our SV100 WordPress theme.

We develop individual ones for you. Our SV100 theme provides the technical basis and was developed to depict every screen design with high PageSpeed without exception. We do not use (purchase) third-party themes, but retain technology sovereignty for you. This makes adjustments much easier.

With our SV100 theme, we have redefined the speed of WordPress themes – we regularly reach PageSpeed 100 without any problems.

Time saved

We use our own SV100theme as the base theme, so we can get started right away. We develop websites with our agency theme every day and thus save ourselves the training time in foreign themes.

License fees saved

Our basic theme is completely free software, so free and open source under the GPL license. There are no license fees, not even for updates. Our theme is available for download and via Github.

Expenses saved

You only pay for the adaptation effort, i.e. usually the design adjustments. Here we are particularly fast, because we have optimized the theme for individual adjustments.

Budget saved

Our theme achieves SEO/PageSpeed top scores, giving you a better quality score in Google Adwords and organic Google Search – your ranking improves and your budget is used more effectively.

Conversion rate increased

Websites developed by us are particularly fast – look forward to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates on your website.

You remain independent

For features, we use plugins as much as possible, so that you can change the theme again at any time in the future. We follow the theme best practiceshere.

Let’s start together!

We advise you on the topic of web design not only in Hamburg or Berlin. We are personally available for our customers throughout Germany with advice and deeds.