WordPress Theme Development

You need an individual WordPress theme? Then leave it entirely to us – we develop your WordPress theme according to your wishes – with top values for Pagespeed and SEO. We don’t start over – the technology is ready and waiting to make your vision a reality.

When do I need an individual WordPress theme?

10 Reasons for an Individual WordPress Theme

  1. Your website is sluggish and slow.
  2. Your website doesn’t work out of a cast.
  3. Some design adjustments can no longer be performed in an update-proof manner.
  4. The development or adaptation of functions is becoming more and more complex or even impossible.
  5. Your company is not presented according to the state of the art and the customer’s taste.
  6. You invest in search engine optimization, but the ranking does not improve beyond a certain point.
  7. The existing theme hinders more than it helps achieve your vision.
  8. Support for the existing theme ends or is insufficient.
  9. Errors are unreassible or their cause remains unclear.
  10. They want more control.

Suitable for any web design!

Our theme shines with every web design – we implement your specifications exactly or develop a web design together with you according to your wishes.

Exclusive benefits

An individual theme means that we can implement any of your design and feature requirements – thanks to our in-house technology even with numerous advantages over our competitors: faster, cheaper, more sustainable and more flexible. A modern WordPress theme, implemented with our technology, can help your website and thus your company to new successes.

We do not adapt a purchase theme to your needs, but set up a completely individual theme for you – thanks to the modular architecture, you can use existing technology without salosing flexibility.

Depending on the complexity of your design wishes, our theme therefore offers the advantage that we reach our destination faster than with the adaptation of any purchase theme – and that some wishes with a purchase theme would not be economically feasible.

  • Time saved: We use our own SV100 theme as a basic theme, so we can get started rightaway.
  • Royalties saved: Our basic theme is completely free and open source, there are no royalties.
  • Expenses saved: You only pay for the customization costs, i.e. usually the design adjustments. Here we are particularly fast, because we have optimized the theme for individual adjustments.
  • Budget saved: Our theme achieves SEO / PageSpeed top values, which gives you a better quality score in Google Adwords and organic Google Search – your ranking improves and your budget is used more effectively.
  • Increased conversion rate: Websites we develop are particularly fast – look forward to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates on your site.
  • They remain independent: For features, we use plugins as much as possible, so that you can change the theme again at any time in the future.

Let’s start together!

We advise you on the topic of web design not only in Hamburg or Berlin. We are personally available for our customers throughout Germany with advice and deeds.


Our Hamburgers love the original, the Hamburger Currywurst, Asia-Food and the view of the most beautiful skyline – the Alster.


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