WordPress Plugin Development

Find out here what advantages individual WordPress plugin development offers for your WordPress website and what you need to pay attention to.

Also discover our free plugins.

Your website’s toolbox

About 60,000 plugins are available free of charge – plus countless premium plugins.

Nevertheless, we develop individual plugins for our customers every day – because they have numerous advantages.

Find out here what our individual WordPress plugins can offer you.

Exclusive benefits

Some things can only be offered to you by an individual WordPress plugin.

Some things are just our many years of experience.

Individual functions and processes are classic areas of application for WordPress plugins. We not only advise on the technical implementation, but also offer CTO as a Service: If the processes make sense, the functions solve problems or create new ones, which choice of technology would be ideal – we advise comprehensively and implement the best individual solution for you.

We get to know you and your company, because this is the only way we can ensure that the plugins support your vision in the long term: this effectively avoids technological dead ends and the plugins offer an ideal basis for later extensions.

Time saved

We are not starting from scratch – Thanks to our SV Core, we are in the feature implementation from the first minute. Thanks to numerous simplifications, our developers implement even the most complex processes and functions in record time.

License fees saved

Our technological basis, the SV Core,is completely free software, i.e. free and open source under the GPL license. There are no license fees, you simply benefit from our technological advantage.

Helper plugin

For many customizations in WordPress, short code snippets – we implement them in such a way that they can be deactivated as individual functions via the plugin settings at any time – are modular and easy to maintain.

Plugin Extensions

Whether WooCommerce, WPML or any other plugin: We extend them update-safe and stable, so that you get additional functions or even views or processes completely adapted to your needs.

Sky is the Limit

Whether dashboards, automations, interfaces, eCommerce, ERP, Gutenberg Blocks or more: our plugins scale with your requirements. Do not adapt your processes to the functionality of existing plugins, but enjoy the advantages of a tailor-made solution.

Low maintenance

We work according to WordPress best practices, so that our plugins usually work reliably for years. Unlike (purchased) third-party plugins, our individual WordPress plugins accurately map your needs – often an individual plugin can replace 3 or more third-party plugins.

Individual plugin development

by straightvisions

– Basis is our SV Core for fast and stable plugins
– every function and every process can be implemented
– 100% GDPR compliant
– modular and in enterprise quality

We develop stable plugins for productive use within one day – so that you can benefit from the new functions as quickly as possible.

We are used to developing plugins in product quality – perfomant by default, multi-language capable and flexibly expandable.

Our individual WordPress plugins can map any range of functions – from small adjustments to full-fledged, individual ERP solutions.

Our current plugin portfolio

In the WordPress repository

Easily integrate Twitch Streams into WordPress as a Gutenberg block – with SV Block for Twitch.

Let’s start together!

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