WordPress Maintenance

Maintenance is the preservation of your values. Our WordPress maintenance ensures that your website remains stable and secure in the future. Rely on our many years of experience.

When do I need maintenance for WordPress websites?

  1. Is your website subject to imprint?
  2. Does a maintenance contract already exist for your website? Caution: As a rule, this is not part of or is not fully met by your web host’s services.
  3. Has maintenance been performed reliably in the past?
  4. Are maintenance logs created?
  5. Are all relevant areas of your website considered in maintenance? Is there a regular review of what is relevant?
  6. In addition to the technical examination, does a regular comparison of technology and law take place, for example with regard to compliance with the GDPR?
  7. Has dedicated time been reserved for maintenance, or is it just running alongside it?
  8. Are there regular, at best daily backups set up? Do you know how to restore them in the short term, even without technicians?
  9. Are updates regularly applied?
  10. Are in-house developments and selected plugins / themes regularly checked to see if they still correspond to the technical state of the art?

Exclusive benefits

Regular maintenance increases technical and legal security. You reduce your technical debt.

Technical debt is deferred work that should have ensured and improved the integrity and efficiency of your digital processes. Changing a feature on your site, installing updates, or adding new content can result in scenarios that could not be considered when the first site version was published.

Our WordPress website maintenance detects sources of error at an early stage. This usually saves expenses, which will be much higher with later discovery.

  • individual: We adapt to the scope of our maintenance services according to your needs
  • reliable: We carry out the maintenance to fixed rhythms, regardless of the day-to-day business
  • Value-preserving: Maintenance strengthens the substance of your website
  • Holiday/Sickness: We have a permanent team that reliably performs maintenance even in the event of a colleague’s holiday/illness
  • efficient: We have a lot of websites waiting for us to draw on a wealth of experience
  • liability-insured: Our company is insured with Hiscox in order to provide you with additional security.

You need a WordPress agency in Hamburg or Berlin!

WordPress Agency Hamburg & Berlin straightvisions GmbH

As a full service WordPress agency in Hamburg and Berlin, we not only offer you more than 30 years of experience in the development of websites, you also benefit from the specializations of our full-stack developers in important areas such as quality assurance, pagespeed, eCommerce, project management and many more.

Use our extensive corporate network to easily access additional services such as legal advice, print design, film production, audio production, office IT and more if required.

  • Agency infrastructure
  • Full-stack developers
  • Standardised quality assurance
  • Specialized expertise in pagespeed, eCommerce, project management
  • Licensing of third-party plugins from a single source
  • regular employee training
  • rich network services

Let’s start together!

We advise you on the topic of web design not only in Hamburg or Berlin. We are personally available for our customers throughout Germany with advice and deeds.


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