WordPress eCommerce

Do you need WordPress eCommerce Freelancer or an agency? We develop WordPress eCommerce websites according to your wishes. Whether SEO, PageSpeed, individual checkout, billing and full filment, tracking and conversion optimization: We master all requirements.

What should I pay attention to in a WordPress eCommerce shop?

There are many points, for example:

  1. Market and competitive analysis
  2. Process Analysis and Process Optimization
  3. Target group analysis, personas and marketing concept
  4. Technology, maintenance and deployment concept
  5. GDPR compliance and regular audits
  6. Legal certainty in the case of GTC, imprint and offer award
  7. User analysis and conversion optimization, such as remarketing, upselling, funnel and usabillity optimization, and accessibility
  8. Digitization and automation in full film, such as billing, warehouse management, shipping, factoring, customer care, reporting, etc.
  9. Creation of unique selling points (USP)
  10. Technological leadership, e.g. through SEO, PageSpeed, configurators, etc.

Exclusive benefits

We are eCommerce specialists and have already worked with numerous shop software. We were most excited about WooCommerce – start now!

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress – a wide range of extensions speed up development for your site. Hardly a payment system that cannot be used by a plugin. Likewise, all other benefits from the WordPress ecosystem are at your disposal – the possibilities are almost unlimited.

However, many eCommerce websites require more than a successful plugin selection: the integration of different plugins, individual extension and ensuring long-term stability are critical for every company.

  • Flexible: Whether existing plugins or individual extensions: We advise you holistically so that you get the best solution.
  • limitless: Whether small helpers, an adapted ordering process or an entire individual ERP system: We develop what you need.
  • fast: The first protypes after a week, the launch after a month, conquers the market in… You set the pace!
  • really fast: We develop PageSpeed 100 WooCommerce shops – be faster than the competition: get better found at Google and pay a lower click price at Adwords.
  • any industry: eCommerce for retail, digital products and services, worldwide, multilingual eCommerce platform, no matter what industry: We develop the solution you need.
  • scalable: From the first order to the development of a completely individual enterprise solution: We support you at every stage of your company.

You need a WordPress agency in Hamburg or Berlin!

WordPress Agency Hamburg & Berlin straightvisions GmbH

As a full service WordPress agency in Hamburg and Berlin, we not only offer you more than 30 years of experience in the development of websites, you also benefit from the specializations of our full-stack developers in important areas such as quality assurance, pagespeed, eCommerce, project management and many more.

Use our extensive corporate network to easily access additional services such as legal advice, print design, film production, audio production, office IT and more if required.

  • Agency infrastructure
  • Full-stack developers
  • Standardised quality assurance
  • Specialized expertise in pagespeed, eCommerce, project management
  • Licensing of third-party plugins from a single source
  • regular employee training
  • rich network services

Let’s start together!

We advise you on the topic of web design not only in Hamburg or Berlin. We are personally available for our customers throughout Germany with advice and deeds.


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