We believe in you!

That’s why we offer individual websites & online shops for rent purchase.

Covid-19 is weighing on the global economy – but small, local businesses in particular are now having to cope with digital change, while traditional audiences are breaking away.

We have the solution!


You don’t want to wait and need your website right away.

You need your website immediately – thanks to our lean processes and our outstanding technologies, we create your individual website within 48 hours – your eCommerce shop within 72 hours.


You get a full-fledged WordPress site with which you can grow unlimited.

Individual functions can be supplemented later as required. You can maintain the content yourself and receive training from us.


Completely transparent: you pay a fixed monthly amount, all costs are covered.

You pay a fixed monthly amount, all costs are covered: website creation, web hosting, domain, premium plugins, SEO and PageSpeed optimization as well as maintenance. After 2 years at the latest, the website is completely yours.

Handcrafted from Hamburg and Berlin

They support a small team of web programmers in Hamburg and Berlin.

We, too, are struggling with order declines because of Covid-19. Otherwise, we work in the project business and are therefore used to our customers booking us according to effort. Since we understand our craft, we can offer you individually developed WordPress websites for a flat-rate rental.

The website should be yours

Stay free and self-determined

We know from experience that websites and shops of modular suppliers quickly reach their limits – after a short time you will notice that some requirements cannot be met with it. At the latest, many of our new customers will notice that they would have preferred to have booked directly with us. We want the website to be yours after two years at the latest – and you can always adapt and extend it to your needs.

Make the right decision now and our team is working on your new website right away

It’s simple

You have a local company or service affected by the Covid 19 epidemic. You won’t catch your customers in the pedestrian zone anymore – so you need a digital sales base now.

Your website makes the difference

Your website helps maintain trust with your existing customers. Therefore, we hurry up with the implementation so that you receive your new website within 48 hours.

Do you have many products?

Then let your customers browse through your offer – and order them directly. A WordPress online shop will be implemented by us within 72 hours for you.

Our offer

Website Starter

only 99,- € / month

Plus. 149,- € setup fee

You will recieve your website after 7 days.

After one year you can cancel the rent regularly at the end of the month or you can take over the website for 399,- €.

If you continue the rent for another year, take over the website afterwards for 0,- €

Direct purchase instead of rent:1,499 € incl. all services for 1 year – on request also possible with instalment payment of 3 or 6 months!

Sie sind frei: Wir schränken Sie nicht ein, von uns erstellte Websites sind Open Source

eCommerce Starter

only 179,- € / month

Plus. 299,- € setup fee

Nach 21 Tagen erhalten Sie schon Ihren neuen Online Shop.

After one year you can cancel the rent regularly at the end of the month or you can take over the shop for only 799,- €.

If you continue the rental for another year, take over the shop afterwards for 0,- €

Direct purchase instead of rent: 2,999 € incl. all services for 1 year- on request also possible with instalment payment of 3 or 6 months!

Sie sind frei: Wir schränken Sie nicht ein, von uns erstellte Online Shops sind Open Source



We will provide you with a selection of ready-made web designs until there is one that you like.


The desired layout is implemented by us for you with our WordPress theme. We are happy to take over your specifications for the color world.


You send us the texts and, if applicable, images for your website – and we prepare them. In addition to the homepage, contact, imprint, terms and conditions and data protection page, we maintain up to 5 additional subpages for you. Additional pages are welcome on request.

SEO & PageSpeed

We offer the fastest WordPress theme. Why our websites are faster.

Premium Plugins

We use premium plugins to develop the best website for you – we cover the license costs!


We show you how to operate your new website on your own – you don’t need any previous knowledge!

Satisfaction guarantee

We take care of hosting, maintenance and updates for your website in the first year or if you use hire purchase until the end of the period. Then you decide: Continue booking the service package for 49,- € / month (Shops: 89,- € / month), only hosting for 9,90 € / month (Shops: 29,90 € / month) or you take the website to a new provider – we support you in every decision!

Web Hosting & Domain

You will receive a .DE or .COM domain for free – or move your existing one to us for free. The website starter package contains our Shared Starter web hosting – the eCommerce Starter package even the Shared Premium Webhosting.


We love our work and deliver an unrivalled price/performance ratio. Our team stands united behind you and would like to start immediately – what are you waiting for?

Want more?

We are here for you!

The biggest advantage: We offer you permanent contacts, personal support and the possibility to develop individual functions for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Example of a flat-rate website

We advise

Contact us and we will discuss your requirements and wishes in 30 minutes by phone. We will tell you what is included in the package offer – and what extra effort means.

You order

We will send you back the offer you signed us. At the same time, you send us the first monthly rent plus the first monthly rent by bank transfer or PayPal. Setup fee so we can get started right away.

You decide

We will provide you with various design designs to suit your industry – until you like one and you tell us your decision – minor customization requests to the templates are not a problem during the implementation and will be taken into account.

They deliver

You send us specifications such as logo, colors and content as soon as possible.

We deliver

Our programmers are now developing the WordPress theme based on your choice of design design.

Decrease & Go Live

After a few days we will present you the finished website for acceptance. After your OK, we will put the website directly live.

Get started now!

Request our free initial consultation, we will call you back at short notice.


Who is this offer aimed at?

Whether start-up, local dealer, tradesman or service provider – this offer is aimed primarily at micro-enterprises. For companies with more than 10 employees and therefore corresponding turnover, it is usually more worthwhile to book our services directly without co-purchasing – here too we have attractive fixed prices.

What if I need a larger website?

We love complex projects – but this package doesn’t fit. Just contact us and we will discuss everything with you, so that even complex requirements are implemented according to your wishes.

Isn’t that cheaper?

Sure – just not with us. For this purpose, we consistently deliver top quality, so that you get a high-quality website at a low cost – not an interim solution, but a round, fast and expandable WordPress site. In addition, we offer you the website for rental purchase – so that you are the owner after a short time and therefore the running costs are reduced. This offer is aimed at entrepreneurs who want a reliable technical partner for the crisis and beyond.

What does this have to do with the Covid-19 epidemic?

Local traders have so far been able to rely on the running clientele – probably not the next few months. Irrespective of the Corona epidemic, this was only a matter of time in the course of digitalization. You can therefore solve two problems with an individual website: You will immediately receive an improved digital sales channel and already have the right basis to compete in digitalization in the medium term.

How is this supposed to help me?

When applying for funding, such as KfW loans, short-time work or emergency aid, you usually need to explain how you want to maneuver your business through the crisis. The same is often asked about the entrepreneurial perspective. A new rental purchase website supports you in your reasoning, because it shows that you are cost-consciously improving your business perspective.

Are you really that good?

We develop in product & enterprise quality. We have released more than a dozen extensions for WordPress for free, including our SV100 WordPress theme,which is especially optimized for speed. Thanks to over 15 years of experience, including 10 years in WordPress development, we are convinced that you will receive the best offer from us.

Can we do that?

We believe in you and your company! We believe that you have what it takes to overcome this crisis and gain new strengths from this challenge. Choosing a new website right now – when the sales trend is unclear – shows that you are giving everything. That’s why we take the risk with us. Only if your company survives the coming year, the rental offer is also worthwhile for us – otherwise we pay ourselves.

For your safety: If you cease your commercial/self-employed activity during the rental period, you will receive a special right of termination in order to avoid a private assumption/liability of the costs for you.

It has to be really fast now.

That is why your participation from the start of the project is important and mandatory. We would like to create a great website for you in no time. Therefore, if you want to receive your website in two working days or your online shop in three working days, you must be available from 10:00 – 18:00 at short notice for inquiries – so that we can develop your individual website for you without delay.