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SEO brings sustainable and high-quality traffic – through professional advice you avoid critical mistakes and build up top positions in Google sustainably.

Excellent SEO is based on 3 pillars

Google makes the rules

All whining does not help: the rules are made by Google. and these are regularly changed by Google.

What usually makes sense from the user’s point of view and leads to a better search experience on Google regularly drives website operators in every industry crazy:

Drastic changes to the Google algorithm are now usually announced by Google with sufficient lead time – usually enough time to adapt the website to the new requirements.

SEO is not a self-runner

Decouple short-term marketing plans from your SEO strategy: For such requirements, there are Adwords or social media marketing.

SEO is a long-term marathon and leads to high-quality traffic – compared to other marketing measures – sensationally low prices.

If you do permanent SEO, sooner or later success will be almost mandatory – but think in quarters rather than monthly successes. And even then, Google idiosyncrasies can put a spanner in the work. A good SEO expert is not deterred by this and persistently continues to work on the lasting SEO success of a website.

The 3 pillars of search engine optimization


Of course, there are also websites whose technology is not optimal from an SEO point of view – but they make it unnecessarily difficult for themselves and give valuable visibility to competitors. An SEO-optimized website has, among other things, a high PageSpeed or rich snippets.


Content is King – only the content counts. Clearly: A website without content is difficult for Google to grasp, usually only some single-purpose websites can rank well even without a sophisticated content strategy. But the standard is: Google evaluates content and the user experience with it.


The relevance of your website is mainly determined by the linking from other websites – a sustainable and organic link building is therefore crucial for your SEO success. Google takes rigorous action against unfair practices, but sophisticated content marketing can ignite the turbo.

Frequently asked questions

What impact does SEO have on visitor quality?

Visitors are more likely to match your target group, as they have searched for terms that match the matic terms on your website.

How effective is SEO?

SEO is by far the most sustainable advertising measure, as they benefit in the long term and are usually much cheaper than in the ad business, both budget, cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion.

How long does an SEO campaign take?

In search engine optimization, one does not work campaign-based, but invests in the permanently increased relevance and visibility in search engines. Therefore, plan with a fixed monthly SEO budget, which allows a permanent support of your website – short-term or seasonal measures are still possible via your classic marketing budget in parallel and usually also useful (e.g. Google Adwords, Social Media).

If I google after my company, we are already at number 1, isn’t that enough?

Company names are mostly newly created term combinations that no one else uses – a top position is therefore easy to achieve here due to lack of competition. But even if you rank well with industry terms, you are not yet exploiting your potential. SEO support helps to find out if your target group uses other search terms. A common error in optimization is that, for example, one is only found well under the name of the solution. However, many potential customers do not yet know the solution, only their problem – or not even that. SEO can cover all scenarios.

Why should I invest in SEO instead of traditional advertising?

The rate of conversion from visitor to customer is usually much higher than with traditional advertising forms, because the users are already looking for a solution – and thus there is already a need for a solution.

How quickly do I see results?

Search engine optimization is a long-term investment. You build a history on Google. Even if the first improvements in the ranking are sometimes quite quickly recognizable, the full potential builds up in the long term.

I only work locally, is SEO important to me?

Especially as a local company, you benefit greatly from search engine optimization, as it strengthens your visibility in local searches as well as in Google Maps.

I’m already busy, so why should I invest in SEO anyway?

Your order situation is magnificent and you already get enough from other channels? Then make sure there is a bad time. SEO has a long-term effect and makes you more independent of the other channels. Check that your business is in a solid position in case your most important sales channel disappears at short notice.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to run SEO in-house with your own employees?

SEO is often not an either/or question, but a both. Operate SEO only in-house you may miss important trends or the employees lack the time in the day-to-day business to keep the focus. At the same time, an external SEO agency can only advise as well as the customer participates. A combination of external consulting and in-house implementation, especially in content construction, is ideal.

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