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Get up to 90% of the project amount funded.

Do you need advice, a technical inspection, a new website, digitization or individual development services? Then take advantage of state funding opportunities. As a certified agency, we offer access to most funding pots and support with the processing.

Ablauf einer Förderung


Procedure of a grant

On the basis of the graphic, you can see an example of the course of a project within the framework of a grant.

For the use of state subsidies, you must meet two points in particular: funding requirements and deadlines.

Eligibility requirements

Each funding pot is aimed at specific types of companies and projects. In most cases, minimum and maximum requirements are set for company size, turnover, industry and company headquarters.

Some pots only promote consultations, others the concrete implementation, some both. In addition, there are separate funds for young companies or those in difficulty.

Due to the extensive preliminary examination, every requested funding has been approved so far.

Which subsidies are suitable for you, we clarify with you free of charge and without obligation in advance in cooperation with a specialized agency for funding advice and processing.


Funding pots are usually limited in the total volume and in the period. Here it is important to start the application for funding as early as possible.

In addition, the approval of the funding takes several weeks and months, depending on the funding pot and the workload of the respective offices. As a rule, the project to be funded may not start before the funding has been approved or promised.

We therefore often tackle urgent, short-term projects with our customers outside of any subsidies.

Less time-critical projects , on the other hand, are ideal funding projects if a start may be delayed by the waiting time for funding approval.

As soon as the funding has been approved, the funded project must be fully executed, settled and submitted to the funding office as successfully completed within a certain period of time. In most cases, the gross deadline is 6-12 months from the release of the funding.


The payment of the project sum is usually possible in a maximum of 1-2 tranches, depending on the project size in advance or after completion of the project. For some funding pots you only pay your own contribution, for some you will receive the funding amount refunded by the funding office after completion of the project.

What if the funding is not released

Contracts in connection with a subsidy will only become binding in connection with a promise of funding. If, contrary to expectations, the funding office does not release a grant, for example because the funding pots should be empty by now, the planned order is automatically considered cancelled and we will discuss possible alternatives with you.

You therefore do not enter into any payment obligation if a promise of funding by the funding office should be rejected.



Within the framework of general consulting, consulting services on all economic, financial, personnel and organizational questions of corporate management can be promoted.

  • End of funding: 31.12.2025
  • Maximum implementation period: 12 months
  • Maximum project budget: 3,500 € á 3 persondays
  • Maximum grant: €1,750
  • Maximum funding rate: 50%
  • Lead time: Usually 1-2 weeks
  • Antragslimitierung
    • 2023: 2 applications
    • 2024: 2 applications
    • 2025: 1 application

Possible measures

Analysis of the current state (digital audit). Identification of potentials, process optimization in existing workflows and the development of new business areas. Development of a practical digitization strategy that contains concrete measures and timings for the implementation in your company.

In a consultation, we clarify your needs with you and whether we can reflect a meaningful added value for you within the framework of the funding.

go digital


The go digital funding programme supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and craft businesses that want to optimise their business processes with the help of digital solutions.

  • End of funding: 31.12.2024
  • Maximum implementation period: 6 months
  • Maximum project budget: 33,000 €
  • Maximum grant: €16,500
  • Maximum funding rate: 50%
  • Lead time: currently 5-10 months


Digitalization Strategy

Development of new digital business models or processes.

Digitization of existing business models or processes.


Needs analysis, feasibility analysis and risk assessment for your own digitization project.

Digitized business processes

Introduction of e-business software solutions for complete or partial processes of the company, including their secure processing in the company or between the company and customers or business partners.

Depending on the level of knowledge, experience and implementation within the company, e.g. The following consulting and implementation services are possible: shipping and returns management, logistics.


Digitize workflows in the company as consistently as possible, establish secure electronic and mobile processes.

Digital market development

Development of a company-specific online marketing strategy.

Use of external auction, sales or service platforms as well as social media tools, website monitoring and content marketing.

Subordinate business processes of an online shop, such as the provision of goods and payment procedures.


Advice on the various aspects of professional online marketing.

Data Literacy

Collecting and generating data
Data identification, data extraction and exploitation.

Use of artificial intelligence in data processing.

Consideration of legal and security aspects in the handling of data.


Active participation in the evolving data economy and generation of new business areas.

IT Security

Risk and security analysis (assessment of threats and possible vulnerabilities) of the existing or newly planned operational ICT infrastructure.

Measures for the initiation/optimization of operational IT security management systems.


Avoiding economic damage and minimizing risks from cybercrime; Independent operation of basic necessary IT security measures.

Possible measures

We advise you on which modules are suitable for you and for which specific projects they would be suitable. With go digital, you only pay your own contribution at the beginning of the project after the funding has been promised. We receive the funding amount directly from the funding office at the end of the project and do not have to be interpreted by you.

A total of up to 30 person-days of €1,100 each can be funded. Due to the processing effort, we only offer funding via Go-Digital from 15 person-days. After completion of a go digital project, a new project can be applied for again.

According to go digital specifications, IT security is a compulsory module for every go digital project and must comprise at least 2 person-days.

Hamburg Digital

Consulting and implementation

As a certified agency, we offer access to numerous regional funding pots. Here you will find examples of the possibilities within the framework of the regional funding programme “Hamburg Digital”.

  • End of funding: 31.12.2022
  • Maximum implementation period: 12 months
  • Maximum project budget: ~66,000 €
  • Maximum grant: €22,000
  • Maximum funding rate: 50%
  • Lead time: Usually 4-6 weeks


Hamburg Digital Check

  • Funding rate: 50%
  • Maximum project amount: 10,000 €
  • Maximum grant: €5,000
  • Person-days: up to 9

Initial consultations for the development of a digitization plan with content such as company-specific developed measures, the desired goals, the resources and investments necessary for implementation as well as an implementation schedule.

Hamburg Digital Invest

  • Subsidy rate: 30%
  • Maximum project amount: ~56,000 €
  • Maximum grant: €17,000
  • Person-days: up to approx. 50

Subsidy for investments in hardware and software as well as external service providers. Above all, we contribute in the area of digitization and individual development to achieve the goals addressed in the Digital Check.

Eligibility requirements

Successful completion of Hamburg Digital Check.

Don’t miss any funding opportunities

Let us and also a specialized funding consulting agency advise you free of charge and without obligation in advance. As a Bafa & go digitally certified WordPress agency, we offer access to numerous regional subsidies.