Helper Plugin

This plugin improves a plugin from another provider.

Legacy Plugin

This plugin is no longer maintained by us.

WooCommerce Order Export

  • Order exports as a valid file in the xlSX, CSV, XML and JSON standards
  • Possibility for individual labels and column arrangements at the user account level
  • Countless hooks and filters to update to your own needs
  • Third-party support (e.g. export invoice numbers from WooCommerce Germanized)
  • Support for the User Role Editor
  • Multi-language support
  • Best code quality
  • Own functions through filter extension management

Dashboard widgets

Adjusting export

Give the columns your own name or change the sorting via drag-and-drop.

Expand the plugin to meet exactly your requirements

A huge number of WordPress filters /hooks allow you to completely adapt the plugin to your own needs – update-proof. We have implemented a strong filter management that allows you to implement your own extensions for our plugin update-safe and stable.

Multi-language support

Translations in English and German are already included. Always add your own translations or change them update-safe.

Supports industry standards

While most export tools only allow export to the CSV and Excel standards, we support not only the XML openTrans Standard, but also JSON.

Third-party support

WooCommerce Subscriptions

User Role Editor

WooCommerce Germanized

Invoice number field becomes available once WooCommerce Germanized is installed.

TM WooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro

Full support for fields from WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro / Woo Checkout Form Designer. All fields are sortable and can be renamed during export.

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