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Integrate ProvenExpert stars into WordPress and display them in Google search results.

Thanks to our plugin, this has never been so easy

Build trust.

Include ProvenExpert stars in WordPress and display them in Google search results – thanks to our plugin, this has never been so easy.

Visitors to your website see through authentic reviews that your business is trustworthy. ProvenExpert aggregates reviews from different platforms and provides a convenient way to evaluate your business. We are pleased that ProvenExpert celebrated our plugin in their blog.

The best: If you use our plugin, the review score is also displayed in the Google search results, an ideal SEO measure.

Our plugin communicates with the ProvenExpert API on the server side. Therefore, there is no exchange of data of your website visitors or tracking by the plugin. In addition, the plugin is highly PageSpeed-optimized and does not bring unnecessary ballast.

Important: You need at least provenExpert’spaid PLUS plan, as the API will only be activated for your ProvenExpert account from this package onwards.

Download and installation

The plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory and our Github repository. You can also find the plugin under its name in your WP admin under Plugins -> Add New and have it installed directly from it. Don’t forget to activate the plugin afterwards.


The plugin settings can be found in the WP admin under the menu entry straightvisions -> SV ProvenExpert -> API Settings. These can be found in your ProvenExpert account.


They are completely flexible in the integration:


To do this, use the shortcode sv_provenexpert


Insert the SV ProvenExpert widget into any sidebar.


Run the shortcode anywhere via the following PHP code:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[[sv_provenexpert]]'); ?>Code language: PHP (php)


The result is not only the display of the stars on your website – but also in the Google search results of your website.


You can insert the rating stars anywhere on your website using these inclusion options.


You get the chance to see rating stars appear in Google search results for your site. The Rich Snippets / Structured Data technology is used here. You can check whether the data is output correctly in the Structured Data Testing Tool.


For high performance of your website, you cache the star ratings on the server and update them only periodically. However, you can clear the cache in the Tools tab in the plugin settings and display the current values.

Please also remember to reload the cache of your caching plug, we recommend WP Rocket.

Product mascots

The Guácharo likes to keep a low profile and retreat deep into his own world – but if he has something to say, then right: 100 decibels reaches his deafening singing – in the swarm again much louder.

Especially customer feedback, especially online reviews, can develop a massive volume. Companies that face this feedback show that they can deal with praise and criticism. Our plugin SV ProvenExpert makes this feedback in the form of rating stars visible not only on the website, but also in the Google search.

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