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Press Permit – Convert groups to roles

SV Press Permit Converter Member Groups to Roles allows you to switch back from Press Permit’s proprietary user group model back to WordPress’ role standard. Since WordPress allows several roles per user, these are sufficient for most scenarios and a deviation from the standard often turns out to be a mistake in hindsight.

You will still be able to set user rights with Press Permit, but have better support for third-party plugins that are usually incompatible with Press Permits user groups. The Multiple Roles plugin as a supplement to Press Permit is helpful here.

After you have converted the member groups back to roles, you no longer need to use the user group function in Press Permit – and you can delete our plugin again, as you will no longer need it.

The conversion process works with an infinite number of member accounts in your database and can also be used, for example, after you close the browser window or resume again – simply reopen the conversion page and set the operation continues.

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