The WordPress plugin SV Gravity Forms Enhancer is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

jQuery 3 support

The Javascript code in Gravity Forms is partly not yet compatible with jQuery 3. As more and more websites use Bootstrap 4, which jQuery 3 recommends, this plugin optimizes the code of Gravity Forms to become compatible with jQuery 3.

Pagespeed 100

If you use Gravity Forms on a highly optimized Web site, you’ll probably notice a deterioration in pagespeed. This is due to the way Gravity Forms loads scripts:

Standard way: jQuery dependent code is embedded inline in the website code – this prevents jQuery from being loaded into the footer (e.g. with the WP-Rocket-Caching-Plugin) – you are forced to load jQuery in the header area, which leads to the following warning in Google Pagespeed: Remove Render-Blocking Javascript

We do it better: SV Gravity Forms Enhancer searches the form code of Gravity Forms for Javascript, moves it into separate files and integrates them so that they can be loaded in the footer.

Support for multiple instances on a page

Multiple form instances are usually not possible with Gravity Forms. This means that you cannot have the same form on the same page multiple times. Our plugin fixes this.

We have also successfully tested this improvement with the following Gravity Forms addons:

  • Post Update
  • User Update

User Form: Login after Registration

Automatically log in new users immediately after registration when using the Gravity Forms user form.

Own shortcode abbreviations

Especially in the deployment process for several website instances practical: Set your own, individual abbreviations for the shortcodes.

GDPR: Deactivation of entries

By default, Gravity Forms saves all new entries every time you submit forms – thanks to our plugin, you can deactivate this for each form individually.

Show zip code in front of the city

Displays the zip code in front of the city in the address form field.

Custom loading of scripts

Your theme may have its own styles for Gravity Forms – to improve pagespeed, you can turn off loading gravity forms’ default styles. Javascript can be loaded in the footer or deactivated completely.