We haven’t been on other WordCamps before, so we’ve had no idea about the event and how much it will benefit us in working with WordPress. While we know how business seminars and workshops are working, we were satisfied about the Retreat concept which was introduced to the 2018 WordCamp in Soltau / Germany.

The idea behind this concept: business plus social activities. From Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon, all attendees have shared one hotel, one restaurant, one bar – so we were all at the same place.

While there were stunning talks, workshops and seminars, there were countless situations where spontaneous conversations took place. The hotel area was ideal, as it was big enough to give all attendees space without feeling lost.


WordPress is open source and lives from contribution. We’ve got the chance to invest some time of the event, to give something back to the WordPress community.

The following WordPress teams have guided attendees to make real contributions right from the event:

get involved

On the last day, the Orgateam, Speakers, Volunteers and Activity Leaders got applause for their work to this event. About more than the half of the participants were crowded on the stage which shows: WordPress lives from participation. It’s really hard to not get involved and feeling an intrinsically need to give something back.

Matthias Bathke, founder of straightvisions guided the Jam Session activity together with Laura. We’ve got the riffs flying through the tipi.

WordPress community at it’s finest

The WordCamp 2018 in Soltau was just awesome – we’ve got so much input, ideas and worthfully discussions on this WordCamp. We totally love the new Retreat concept and would love to see more WordCamps like this in future. Big thanks to all the other sponsors who made this event possible.

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