A campaign of the German Youth Red Cross
straightvisions implemented the screen design created by Sherpa Design as a WordPress website.

Technical excellence

PageSpeed 100

Websites developed by us achieve a PageSpeed 100 by default – and if not, the reasons are clearly stated. In the JRK Lautstark campaign, customer requirements could be implemented without compromising PageSpeed.

Full Site Editing

WordPress Block & Site Editor

Thanks to the brand new WordPress site editor, all elements of the website can be edited, positioned and new ones added. The combination possibilities are endless. Blocks individually developed for the customer round off the range of functions. Visually, the display in the editor is very close to the frontend view to allow easy editing. Developers are hardly needed for later editing of templates – a big step towards reducing the requirements and complexity of editing websites.

Enterprise WordPress Technologies

Ideal technology mix

As requirements change, new features are easy to implement. Our fully modular system uses the strengths of WordPress and combines maximum performance with infinite flexibility.

In addition to an optimal page speed, the aim was easy editorial editing. Thanks to an optimal style guide from Sherpa Design, structure, recurring and related elements were easy to identify. The result is an easy-to-maintain state-of-the-art website with PageSpeed 100 without compromise.

Matthias Bathke, Founder @ straightvisions

The cooperation with straightvisions was based on partnership, reliability and absolutely satisfactory from start to finish. Due to close coordination and fast communication channels and Matthias’ emphatic nature, the whole process was very uncomplicated. We are happy!

Lucy Germer, Project Manager @ Sherpa Design GmbH