We (Dennis & Matthias) were at the end of 2019 at the first WordCamp Düsseldorf. The fact that the WordCamp could take place was made possible above all by the active WordPress Meetup culture in Düsseldorf.

Although the WordCamp took place for only one day, unexpectedly many visitors came from other regions. It is worth mentioning the visit of WordPress enthusiasts from Iraq, who got an impression from Düsseldorf for their own WordCamp.

This shows not only how global, but also how inclusive the WordPress project is positioned worldwide – mutual exchange, sustainability,the Code of Conduct and diversity are actively lived.

The German-language WordPress Marketing Team

Many visitors have already arrived 1-2 days earlier. For example, the German-language WordPress marketing team, in which I am involved with Dennis throughout. We took a whole day in Düsseldorf to not only discuss the team’s vision, but also to define several goals for 2020.

WPDE Marketing
Members of other teams, interested community members or complete newcomers also attended the meeting of the German-speaking marketing team – thanks to good moderation and respectful handling, it never hurt productivity. Diversity of opinion is already there, but we want more diversity. Interested people of any gender identity are invited to join us!
WordPress DE Marketing Team
The German-language WordPress Marketing Team is also supported by other teams. Many thanks to Robert Windisch for the insights into the structures and goals of the WordPress organization.

In order to achieve these goals, fortunately, two people have been found from our team to advance it. If you want to know more about the team and the goals – just write to us. We are always looking for reinforcements for the WordPress Marketing Team and other teams if you want to participate in the WordPress project.

At WordCamp Düsseldorf 2019

On the WordCamp Dennis and I split up – Dennis has exciting lectures and workshops that regularly help us to include important topics for our daily work. Especially the lecture Seeing Learning by Siggi Becker has provided a new perspective on the topics of design and taste. The WordPress.tv team has probably set a new record here, at least all contributions are already available since Saturday evening, so on the same day – mega!

In the meantime, I had many one-on-one conversations at WordCamp and was able to successfully win a participant to work in the marketing team. Especially the exchange at the WordCamp Düsseldorf was much easier and more intimate than at the larger WordCamp events,such as the WordCamp Europe. While the Europe is a much more comprehensive concept in terms of quality, it is much easier to talk to a person more than once at the Düsseldorf 1-day WordCamp and beyond the small talk or short exchange of experts.

Especially newcomers, we recommend to visit smaller and larger WordCamps in order to use the respective strengths for themselves.

Sustainability was a top priority at WordCamp Düsseldorf

The participant tapes are reused, as are the fabric banners on which no year was deliberately printed. Only reusable dishes were used and on the toilets there were washable fabric towels instead of paper towels. The crowning glory of the sustainability concept was the prepared Tupper boxes. If you wanted, you could take home leftover food from the catering – so no food had to be thrown away.

We are absolutely thrilled with the WordCamp Düsseldorf and deeply impressed by what the orga has put in place. If you keep in mind that only volunteers were at work, then you have no choice but to say thank you. Your effort has paid off!

Let the WordCamp end

Photos of Erman Dogan