Early recognized the benefits of open source

Important milestones in web technology were implemented early on for criminal defense attorney Dr. Jesko Baumhöfener: In addition to the use of WordPress, usability (desktop and responsive design) as well as fast website delivery (pagespeed) were regularly optimized.

Just like structured data, online ratings, search engine optimization or search engine advertising via adwords: the holistic approach in our consulting service enabled us to always be The first point of contact for technology to serve to set the course.

Common values

Support in an emergency, holistic advice, reliability.

The requirements for a criminal defense lawyer and in IT projects sound quite similar. After all, whoever masters his subject, the aforementioned virtues are self-evident.

I have been working with straightvisions for over ten years. Since then, I have been in close contact with the managing director Matthias Bathke. I’m really excited.

The performance is always flawless, straightvisions independently thinks about worthwhile innovations, creatively absorbs impulses from the outside in order to get the best possible result, are always approachable and work very professionally.

You can always rely on the agreements you have made – and I always mean. Where else can you find it… Especially in the often rather opaque area of online support, there can be no better company. In this respect, I clearly recommend: straightvisions!

Dr. iur. Jesko Baumhöfener, criminal defence lawyer and specialist lawyer for criminal law

The cooperation with Dr. Baumhöfener is absolutely enriching for us – high demands meet the joy of innovation. Together with Mr. Baumhöfener, we have been able to set industry-wide quality standards and continue to do so.

Especially in the case of lawyers and especially in criminal law, aggressive marketing is forbidden and frowned upon. The high standards are regularly exceeded here by Dr. Baumhöfener – we face up to these additional challenges in website marketing.

We see criminal defence and, above all, revisions in criminal law,i.e. the reopening of a case, as one of the noblest forms of a constitutional state. For many citizens, the criminal defence lawyer is the last person of trust – especially when the presumption of innocence has to be defended.

Matthias Bathke, founder and managing partner of straightvisions GmbH

We would like to thank Dr. Jesko Baumhöfener for his many years of loyalty and will continue to do our best to master digital challenges together.