Making a difference

The best emissions are those that do not occur. And honestly, emissions are good for convenience, but not necessarily for your wallet.

Instead of greenwashing, we therefore say: It is a civic duty to reduce their own emissions where possible. The goal of CO2 neutrality is a matter of course, so this article is purely for inspiration and exchange.

In this article, we reflect on ourselves and our efforts to improve our sustainability. We are constantly looking for optimization opportunities, but we also exchange ideas with other companies.

We believe that digitization offers a great opportunity for more sustainability. Read our challenges and progress here.

What does not arise does not have to be compensated

How we avoid emissions

We have no office space – no employee permanently blocks a room. Instead, every employee can and should work from home, the commute is eliminated. For meetings or if an employee simply needs to get out, offices and meeting rooms can be rented by the hour or by the day as required.

We do not have a fleetof vehicles, have not used flight connections where possible for several years and rail journeys are already largely green electricity. We mainly use video calls, public transport or car sharing for customer appointments, here e-vehicles if possible.

The CO2 footprint of our website and software is as small as possible. Websites, plugins and our WordPress theme created by us are among the fastest in the world, so that countless gigabytes of data transfers are saved every year. Our website requires less energy than 91% of the other websites tested so far.

The data center we use runs 100% on hydroelectric green electricity from TÜV-certified hydropower plants in Austria and Bavaria. This means that the websites of the customers hosted by us also run 100% on green electricity.

Modern indulgence trade?

How we offset emissions

It is clear to us that zero emissions would be ideal – but at the latest when you understand every human being as a biopower plant, you realize that we are already emitting emissions through our pure existence that cannot be practically avoided.

As a small WordPress agency, we cause roughly 3 tons of CO2 emissions per year – but really only roughly overturned, because a detailed audit would not be worthwhile with us. The costs of an audit are at least 200-500 € – we prefer to directly offset 10 tons of CO2 emissions for 15 € / ton of CO2.

Instead, we could have taken away certificates for about 2.3 tons of CO2 from the industry at the same value.

We have opted for a CO2 compensation with the association PRIMAKLIMA e.V., because it simply matters to us on the result and 10 tons of compensation through forest cultivation has from our point of view a higher effect than preventing 2.3 tons of CO2 production.

In addition, we trust in the transparency of a non-profit and earmarked association as well as the very good rating of Stiftung Warentest for PRIMAKLIMA e.V..

We see the purchase of CO2 emission compensation as a temporary solution – we would like the ecological costs to be directly priced into the entire supply chain anchored in law – CO2 offsetting should be standard and no longer an advertising measure.


less is more

Do you know the movie Into the Wild with the terrific soundtrack by Eddie Vedder? The song Society should be our claim.

Especially in startup mode, you should try to think about sustainability right from the start. Offices, fleets, flights – do you need all this to be able to work well?

Of course, we save money if we pay less for office space – a pity that this is not enough motivation for many companies. Just as waste separation is only exhausting for those where a lot of waste is generated, the conversion to a climate-conscious WordPress agency was comparatively easy for us – manufacturing industries have it much harder here.

We are just as critical of the trade in indulgences with CO2 certificates – please contact us if you have a better idea or would like to develop one with us. We are not there yet and even if we are 100% climate-neutral in purely mathematical terms – realistically the whole thing remains a milkmaid bill.

Because although our data center runs on 100% hydropower – the servers are not (yet) 100% ecologically produced, the data transfer via the Internet nodes is also not yet consistently ecological, as is the expansion of lines, the development of the software we buy or the work equipment of our employees.

We have understood that emission avoidance is usually better than carbon offsetting. We are doing comparatively well with our emissions – but that’s no reason to rest. Especially through digitalization, we can also be an innovator for our customers and ensure that customer processes are digitally mapped in a CO2-efficient way.

We follow the Pareto principle: 100% emission avoidance is the goal, but it is better to achieve 80% tomorrow with 20% effort and compensate for the rest. Intelligent climate protection uses low hanging fruits instead of leaving them unused. This requires inspiration and ideas. Did you know that by changing the font, you can save up to 50% printer ink? Many small steps can add up to a big result.