Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI) was a mighty API to allow single sign on and complete integration of Bulletin Board Software IP.board into any custom webapplication.

Additionally, an out-of-the-box WordPress plugin allowed to get working SSO and Board features integrated to WordPress with minimal configuration effort.

Over a decade dedication

Over ten years of ongoing support and development made this API and the WordPress plugin one of the most complex but easy to use third party applications for IP.board.

Unfortunately, due to marketing decisions and as we’ve seen no future for gaining more market share within IP.board market, we’ve decided to discontinue IPBWI in 2018.

Open Source and free

As promised, we won’t discontinue IPBWI ever without making it open source to allow you to re-use our code. See on our IPBWI-Github-Repository to find the latest release.