Ideal for powerusers and coders

For example, any of the almost infinitely available key combinations can be edited.

Extensions and endless plugins, such as Ext2+Reiser help, among other things, to access Linux drives under Windows. But security-relevant features, such as the generation of md5 checksums or the problem-free opening of IMG, MSI and PDF files, were also considered. These can be retrofitted subsequently by addon.

The internal viewer of Totalcommander is almost groundbreaking in itself: Arbitrarily large files can be displayed and searched in seconds. This is especially important for binary files (hex view), as well as particularly large files.

The extremely efficient, natively integrated FTP client (including CHMOD) completes the offer and makes the program a useful tool for every professional web designer and programmer. This will no longer work without the two-window view, the numerous keyboard shortcuts or the useful tools. The optional, integrated thumbnail view allows the viewing of thumbnails in the article listing – practical in the management of images and photos.

Total Commander


Custom columns, advanced search, regular expressions, and a multiple renaming tool help find and manage large file dumps.

To open an archive, Total Commander sometimes starts an internal packer that opens the archive as if it were a normal directory. Currently, the following archive types are supported: ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, CAB, TAR, GZ, ACE. In order to be able to pack Rar archives, Winrar must be installed and the rar.exe file referenced in the Total Commander settings. Zip archives, on the other hand, can already be packed ex works in several compression levels, as well as quickly unpacked.

Thanks to Double Commander, there is also a good alternative for Linux users.