Level of Service

We want to get to know your vision and help you with the project development.

Here you will get an overview of our agile way of working and why personal communication with you is important in the implementation of your vision.

Agile project management

Agile working focuses on communication between you as a customer and us as a development team, so that development can be made transparent and reacted to changes at any time. In doing so, you set the priorities and we will help you to implement your vision in a technical way.


We examine what you need – and explain why. We regularly review the system we are currently using for opportunities for improvement that will benefit you –- or features that you no longer use, which should be removed for better maintainability and stability.

Sprint and Sprint Planning

We work according to SCRUM – an established approach model of project and product management, especially suitable for software development. Scrum knows only a few roles or rules and consists specifically of the three pillars of transparency, review and adaptation.

Scrum defines so-called “sprints”, usually timeframes of 2 to 4 weeks, in which focused tasks are completed by the development team, which have been prioritized or selected by you in the sprint planning (before each sprint). At the end of each sprint, the development team will present you with the results of the development. The goal of each sprint is to deliver a finished product stand that you can already check. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to your product after each sprint, which we then implement in the follow-up sprint.

We support you in breaking down complex tasks through our technical expertise and personal communication. The goal of this “refinement” is to gain a common understanding between you and the development team about the tasks ahead and the necessary expenses.


You have questions about individual features, need an explanation of technical background sinorism or would like to talk about other project-relevant topics – such as new feature wishes: We look forward to the regular exchange with you. The support effort helps to make the development more comprehensible for you and to give you sufficient insight into the technical details, if it makes sense, in order to be able to make an informed decision.

We provide our support in person, by phone and by email. Regular planning and review meetings (e.g. at the respective sprint end) are also useful here, so that the project is always optimally geared towards you.


Technical excellence through refactoring

A web application, like a website, does not stand still nowadays. New functions are required on a regular basis, and the system becomes more complex – this can be improved by regular refactoring. Prototypes are stabilized, performance improved, security increased—large features are divided into more comprehensible, modular blocks—and are more likely to be reused for new features. Refactoring reduces technical debt and leads to “technical excellence” that allows your product to be geared to new challenges in your business at any time.


We use third-party software where useful – so parts of feature development and maintenance are outsourced and the wheel does not need to be reinvented. For this purpose, updates for the respective software must be checked and recorded regularly.

Lean Deployment

New features and improvements should be live-streamed regularly and frequently – a live walk should be a completely normal, regular process. Through versioning, streamlined processes, and the best deployment tools, we can streamline Go Live effort without limiting developers or losing control.


We maintain at least one DEV environment that you as a customer usually do not have access to. Here our programmers can work freely without fear of restricting you as a customer in the operation of the website. Larger new features are typically developed in a separate, additional DEV instance so that multiple programmers can work on your Web site in parallel.


The STAGING environment will be presented with new development results. For example, check new features and decide whether to transfer them to the LIVE environment or make further adjustments in the next sprint by the development team.
In addition, an additional system integration test can be commissioned with us if required – then we check the entire system on the basis of test cycles defined with you.


After you have been tested and released new product stands on the STAGING environment, we transfer them to your LIVE environment. We help you avoid long downtime during a live operation by coordinating the time and time frame with you. Finally, we’ll help you finalize testing the new features on your live environment.


We hope that we have been able to give you a little insight into how we will support you in your project development.

Our established way of working relies on the most personal communication possible, in the sense of agile methods, which promote interaction between individuals in order to create technically excellent and agile products.

The more complex your vision, the more we will communicate with you to help you implement and manage your vision.

Our certified Scrum Master® will be happy to assist you at any point in the project with the participation and possibilities of your agile project development in order to clarify questions and make expenses effective.