Digitalization: How your vision becomes reality.

Digitalization brings performance into your business processes or reinvents them completely. You can find out why classic top-down waterfall configuration no longer works here.

Be Agile.

Agile project management

Trying out new ideas and concepts and testing them on the market can create completely new markets. Digitalization works differently than the usual old fashioned business. Agile methods improve communication between you as a customer and us as a development team.

The development of new applications has never been so transparently visible and controllable for you. New challenges can be integrated into the development cycle in the short term. In doing so, you set the priorities and we will help you to implement your vision in a technical way.

Successful digitalization

Progressiveness and consistency combined.

Thanks to modular and service-oriented development of new components, even complex projects remain manageable and new functions can be easily integrated. At the same time, permanent maintenance of the code preserves your company’s assets, effectively avoiding the build-up of technical debt. Digitalization means continuous improvement.

A child of digitalization

Do you know SCRUM?

We work according to SCRUM – an established approach model of project and product management, especially suitable for software development. Scrum knows only a few roles or rules and consists specifically of the three pillars of transparency, review and adaptation.

With sprints to the goal

Scrum defines so-called “sprints”, usually timeframes of 2 to 4 weeks, in which focused tasks are completed by the development team, which have been prioritized or selected by you in the sprint planning (before each sprint). At the end of each sprint, the development team will present you with the results of the development.

The goal of each sprint is to deliver a ready-made and functional product level that you can already check. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to your product after each sprint, which we then implement in the follow-up sprint – often the sprint result is already suitable for live use.

Let’s start together!

Without the vision of our customers, we would have nothing to do. Contact us early if you know your vision and want to approach it as a project. We advise you holistically and are fully geared to the success of the project.


We discuss your vision, requirements and wishes with you – because this is the only way we can develop the right technical solutions for you. That’s why we need to fully understand your processes – probably all the more so as a single employee of yours. Because:

WordPress Agency Managing Director Dennis Heiden

A poor digitized process remains a bad process.

Dennis Heiden, Managing Director

Accordingly, we are not only your WordPress agency, but also support you holistically as a digital agency. Therefore, consulting usually accounts for 80% of the implementation time – in other words, the technical implementation of a complex wish is often composed as follows:

  • Problem Capture
  • Target definition
  • Technology Testing
  • Technical concept
  • Development
  • Evaluation
  • Improvement

In summary: Good developers know what and for what they are developing. They demand missing information on their own initiative and align the implementation with the customer’s vision. Our full stack developers understand your business and digitize your processes through individual interfaces, WordPress plugins and standalone web applications.