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  1. Hello! Has anyone experienced this issue? My network of Multi-sites works great with IPBWI. However, each site has several custom login pages setup. They worked fine before IPBWI. With IPBWI installed, they seem to be interacting with the database, because they know if a password is wrong. However, if a password is correct, the login page hangs after pressing submit. But using myurl/wp-login.php works fine - doesn't hang at all. This is a problem that is caused by IPBWI, and because there are significant numbers of custom login forms on my paid freelance site (when you submit a project, when you are on homepage, etc), I'd like to fix the issue rather than simply redirect every user to wp-login.php. The single-sign on seems to work as well. If I am logged into the IPB forum, I am logged into my sites. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. The site is http://network.ubotstudio.com.)
  2. This issue was caused by the wrong file permissions for license.dat. Once I corrected the permissions, it worked fine.
  3. Hi, Is there a post on how to do this? I purchased but used the Demo to start due to issues I was having with the license.dat file not being recognized in my paid version. I am still on the Demo but would like to make sure I switch to Paid version before the Demo expires. Thanks!
  4. Hi Matthias, Thank you. "Fatal error: The encoded ..../public_html/wp-content/plugins/ipbwi/wordpressLoadIPBWI.php requires a license file license.dat. in Unknown on line 0" I have uploaded this file to "..../public_html/wp-content/plugins/ipbwi/" and am still getting this error. Can you please give instructions for where to upload this?
  5. Hi, again - where is the license.dat file? If you see an error message on your site about a missing license file, please make your you’ve uploaded your purchased license.dat file to the folder printed in the error message.I've never gotten this file. How do I get it?
  6. Hey there, this might be a common issue or I've done something wrong. I downloaded the files for my wordpress IPBWI installation. I have uploaded the plugin directory and the theme directory to my wordpress multisite installation in what I believe are the appropriate places. When I try to activate the plugin in wordpress, I get the following error about a missing license.dat file. I do not see this in my download nor anywhere else. What am I missing? Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.Fatal error: The encoded file /srv/www/li1243-30.members.linode.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ipbwi/wordpressLoadIPBWI.php requires a license file license.dat. in Unknown on line 0