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  1. But that has to replace the current function in pluggable.php? I've tried to integrate it but gravatar is messing up with it.
  2. Heya! Im using the default wordpress comment system and I'd like to know how I make it so it displays the users avatar from the forums. Thanks in advance.
  3. I've sent you the email from the following address: Thanks.
  4. They are working fine as soon as I disable the plugin. So it shouldn't really be that. And yeah empty cache. They stop working as soon as I activate w3 cache
  5. Is there a setting I should avoid then? Because the widgets output raw code when I activate it. Example: "Unable to execute code: <!--dynamic-cached-content--><div class="widget-3 panel"><h3>Forum Activity</h3><ul class="ipbwi_widget_latestTopics"> <li class="ipbwi_widget_latestTopics_entry"> <div>"
  6. I can't seem to use any cache plugins on my website because it corrupts the IPBWI wordpress plugin. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  7. Styling WordPress Widgets

    Also I was trying to add the Topic Views Count on the widget instead of the date and I'm probably missing something from the documentation. Any pointers? THanks
  8. Styling WordPress Widgets

    My bad. I was looking at ipbwi\lib\wordpress\topics. Doh. Thanks.
  9. Heya. I've recently purchased IPBWI for wordpress and while installing the wordpress widgets I found out that there is no way to style how they are displayed because as far as I could see, the widget code is encoded. So I'd like to know what should I do to style per example, the Last Topics Widget. I find they way that it is showing atm really ugly and not very clean. I'd like something similar to this: instead of the current one. Any help? Thanks.
  10. Ive purchased the license and done all the documentation but when I logged into the client area. Its prompting me to pay again, Can you assist me please? I can send you a screen shot to confirm payment is needed. Thanks