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  1. I am in the wp_options table and I can't find this field anywhere. The path indicated in the error is in fact correct. The only ones I found with IPBWI mentioned in wp_options is just the following: ipbwi_ssoipbwi_sso_advanced_profileipbwi_sso_custom_profile_fieldsipbwi_sso_cookie_domainipbwi_sso_cookie_domain_auto I checked our production server with the older version of IPBWI running and couldn't find this option there either.
  2. Fatal error: Call to undefined method ipbwi_member::loginWithoutCheckingCredentials() in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AGTri\wp-content\plugins\ipbwi-\wordpressLoadIPBWI.php on line 0
  3. Not sure if I'm missing anything in getting it set up, but every time the plugin is activated, it throws a 500 error on login and takes the site down. If I go to the forum directly and then log in, then the site goes back to normal. Am I missing something here? The last version we had installed was 3.1.8. We are attempting to upgrade to 3.6.6. The old version can be activated without any error but SSO does not work with IP Board 3.4.8.