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That’s why we are proud to announce, that we’ve been able to re-release our customer’s site Revision Strafrecht with not just a pagespeed 100 – we’ve also hit the pingdom 100 score.

We’ve already optimized the client’s website to a Pagespeed 100, but thanks to our custom theme framework, we’ve been able to try to reach a Pingdom 100 score as well.

Before Pingdom optimization – Pagespeed 100 score already reached
After Pingdom optimization – Pingdom 100 score reached as well

Learn more about Pagespeed 100 and what it does matter for your business.

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Tons of Features

  • order exports as valid file in XLSX, CSV, XML and JSON standards
  • ability to customize labels and column sorting on user account level
  • massive amounts of hooks and filters for update-save customization
  • third party support (e.g. custom invoice IDs exportable from WooCommerce Germanized)
  • user role editor support
  • multi-language-ready
  • finest code quality
  • custom features through filter extension manager

You can download latest version on WordPress Plugin Repository.

SV WooCommerce Order Export – Documentation – straightvisions en

Supports Industry Standards

While most export tools allow order export in CSV and Excel format only, we support XML following openTrans standard as well as JSON, too.

Customize Export

Give the columns custom names or change sorting via drag&drop.

Extend to exactly fit your needs

A big amount of WordPress filters/hooks allow you to totally customize the plugin in an updatesave way. We have a powerful filter extension manager implemented, allowing you to add your own extensions to the plugin on an update save and stable way.

Free filter extension included

To give you an idea, how easy it is to implement an extension by your own, we’ve included an extension for free: “Filter by product author (currently logged in user)” allows you to export orders of products from currently logged in author only.

Multi Language Support

Translations for English and German included. Add your own translations or edit existing updatesave.

Third Party Support

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Full support for exporting Subscriptions as Excel, CSV and JSON – export them all or filter by status.

User Role Editor

Allow users other than admins to use this plugin via User Role Editor plugin.

WooCommerce Germanized

Invoice-ID field will be available if WooCommerce Germanized is installed.

TM WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Full support for TM WooCommerce Extra Product Options (see manual for more information)

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro

Full Support for exporting fields from WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro / Woo Checkout Form Designer. All Fields are sortable and can be renamed in export.

Dynamic List Output

This plugin allows you to list those content to allow the currently logged in user to browse these. You won’t need to maintenance such lists manually, these will always show all exclusive content available for that given user.

You can download latest version on WordPress Plugin Repository.

Revert back to using roles

You will still be able to use content permissions feature through Press Permit, but with better support for third party plugins which usually won’t be compatible with Press Permit’s custom user groups. You may want to use the Multiple Roles Plugin in future in addition to Press Permit.

Once you have converted the member’s groups to roles and stopped using Press Permit’s user groups, you may safely uninstall this plugin and won’t need it anylonger.

Conversion process works with unlimited amount of members in your database and will not break when browser window may be closed – just reopen conversion page and continue.

You can download latest version on WordPress Plugin Repository.

Free Version

jQuery 3 Support

Some javascript Code in Gravity Forms hasn’t been prepared for use with jQuery 3 yet. As more and more websites will move to Bootstrap 4 which advices jQuery 3, this plugin will optimize the Gravity Forms javascript output to allow use of jQuery 3.

Multi Instance per Page Support

Multiple Form Instances are normally not possible with Gravity Forms. That means you won’t be able to insert the same form multiple times on the same page. This plugin fixes this and also works with Multi Page Forms.

You can download latest free version on WordPress Plugin Repository.

Extended Version

More features, including Pagespeed 100 support is provided by SV Gravity Forms – Extended

5 Stars for Proven Expert

One of our customers wanted to show review stars on their Website based on reviews aggregated by ProvenExpert.com. Key Feature is allowing Google to retrieve the Review Score and show that into Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

While ProvenExpert.com had a Tutorial for manually adding Code into the theme, we have decided to create a more convenient and update save way by creating an easy to use plugin.

Our plugin allows to easily integrate the ProvenExpert.com Output via Widget or Shortcode. ProvenExpert.com has mentioned our Plugin on their Website in a detailed Review and HowTo.

You can download latest version on WordPress Plugin Repository and Joomla Extension Repository.

Paymill Payment WordPress Plugin

This plugin has been a huge project so far, supporting 5 different eCommerce plugins in WordPress:

  • WooCommerce
  • MagicMembers
  • ShopPlugin
  • MarketPress
  • Cart66 Lite

Additionally, we have created a simple “PayButton” feature to allow fast setup without requiring an eCommerce plugin at all to take Paymill payments.

All Shop Systems are supported through a single plugin. Some plugins were not designed to allow third-party payment gateways – nevertheless in most cases we were able to implement Paymill on an update save way in these cases.

We’ve developed and maintenanced the plugin for several years. Currently, we have paused maintenance, but we’ve loved working with Paymill.

You can download latest version on WordPress Plugins Repository

Ups! Hier wird wohl noch gebaut.

Schauen Sie gern später nochmal vorbei.

Ups! Hier wird wohl noch gebaut.

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